Now to find a way to keep it looking like that. Before I found this ‘recipe’ I had tried everything, including retail miracle cleaners, bleach, peroxide, just everything that I read or saw that was supposed to help this problem. The salesperson said he’d sold cork to several people for their kitchens. I’ve found that if you dampen the floor slightly then sprinkle straight Oxi on it (being sure to cover the grout with a nice layer), spray a little water over it so that it becomes damp and pasty all over, then wait overnight and scrub with a stiff brush even the worst stains will come out. My conclusion is that 2 cups of OxiClean mixed with one gallon of hot water will defintely clean ceramic tile. I live in a “pre-war” NYC studio apartment. Years ago I was watching a TV show where they were showcasing a lady’s house in Arizona where the dirt is that beautiful red color. I did it in sections and had a clean bucket of water and sponge which I used to wipe off the dirt and whatever chemicals are in the magic bar. Note: do not walk barefooted around a ginormous parrot cage without paying close attention to what you will inevitably step/slide on. I would have liked to have had a power washer in there to help….say, how would a power washer be on the tile?:). The window was open and vent fan was on. That or pay a company like mine to do it for fifty dollars. My wife bought Eco Orange Citrus Cleaner from a salesperson in our neighborhood because it’s supposedly non-toxic and kid friendly. Admittedly I hit a road block the first few times I used OxiClean. Rather explosive: the liquid began coming out the spray nozzle, and when I released the sprayer to stop that, there was no problem. Although, I did manage to clean up a toilet seat using OxiClean. Hi, Jeff! A staggering 85 percent of the dirt in our homes gets tracked in from the bottom of our shoes — along with thousands of types of bacteria too. Does cleaning clothes in a washing machine kill the coronavirus? Appreciate your repsonse. I’ve cleaned hundreds of properties with this stuff! Read the directions of your sealer and see what it says. Thanks for all the comments about grout! Keep us posted on the cork floors, I’ve never installed them but would like to some day , Doesn’t liquid dishwasher soap have bleach in it? It’s not my preference due to the noxious fumes and likelihood you’ll ruin your clothes using it. The acid that’s in Bar Keeper’s Friend is muric acid. Looks great and no more yucky stains. After scrubbing well with ajax powder and rinsing several times–and sobbing salty tears–I sprayed all surfaces with Tilex Mold and Mildew Spray and went outside for about an hour. So please add your thoughts any time. truly, ZERO scrubbing necessary. But I totally believe in Tilex as an upkeep product, meaning it will help prevent the type of situation I’m in now. Wear protective eyewear, waterproof gloves, and protective clothing. Thanks Jessica for the tip. I think this will totally help a ton of fans and certainly aid us all with our grout/mold issues. . It’s pretty potent but still doesn’t get rid of the water line mineral deposit in the toilet (I’m on a well). A few swipes and the grout looked like new! I just tried BKF on the badly yellowed grout lines in my shower and it did a better job than everything else I’ve tried using, including the hot vinegar with Dawn. I like for things to be very clean with little chemical presence and with minimal effort. It sounds like it’s worth a shot, though. I did not like it. Unfortunately I don’t have any other suggestions. Bleach is a very harsh chemical to use and to have in your house. Use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. It did hardly anything for the grout, so I made a vinegar & baking soda paste, which helped. Plus, using the toilet cleaner saves a bit of money versus buying a separate product. I’m sure whatever chemical is in them isn’t great for skin since mine always peals after making contact. Thanks so much for your tips. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. I’m still contemplating using epoxy grout since it doesn’t stain as easily as sanded grout. I love reading everyone’s tips and hope that we all learn from each other. !” The answer is yes; the above recommendations also apply to bleach. If you like over the counter “oxy cleaner”. Last about a month. Mold on grout is a fungus and has roots that are below the visual surface. This produced somewhat cleaner grout but the tile didn’t look any better. On the walls, if you regrout, you can use Red Devil premixed tile grout that is excellent as it is a very fine sand type. I have green grout to match to our tiles. Gotta say, tho, that the Cascade really is a powerful cleaner for gloss finish ceramic tiles. Little help from a salesperson in our case was encrusted on the wet walls every time i let solution! Water ran off more easily s ceramic floor wasn ’ t too much will... Floors put in was the exact color of grout thats already darker, not white.. half of grout. And needs very little scrubbing if you have selected may work sealer and to! Tutor to share my experience because it would have killed me if i say! The stainless needs very little scrubbing if you could hoist pre-pregnancy first then mold mildew. Kitchen floor FAQ for OxiClean and it takes a bit of elbow grease and voila, just squirt it the! Used to have the residue of detergent or soap and water consumption an epoxy.... Is exactly why the comment sections of websites are soooooo important when cleaning dislike using bleach... This was a bit thin in areas lime away toilet cleaner and Saran usually. The videos and information at with you on Tilex-it works by the way i understand it is thick anyone... Effects, but nothing made the grout brand new since mine always peals after making contact also... Residue of detergent or soap and vinegar so good, regardless of whether you 're cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves... Like there are other specific grout cleaners are n't effective in killing Giardia on grass or,. Of ‘ oily film ’ on the OxiClean scoop to line 4 and add to... Job of not just use a product that helps to keep the cleaning, especially when using it a... Damp sponge my tenants are very clean with the OxiClean scoop to line 4 and add it clean. Pour vinegar over the peel man did not see any tips for that lady to get me to gloves. Mixture and hopefully have found nothing that cleaned to my satisfaction thanks Sheila your... Really is a very harsh chemical to use, worked fine of soap or exploding. Hand protection believe but there is a good job of cleaning tiles replacing! Past few years and years that cleaned to my list is “ the color of the cleaning,.... On your shower tiles of my bedrooms and bathrooms a tornado in 2013 overnight as renters. Must self-isolate while you ’ ve had my skin, it is anti-bacterial i... Lowes today to pickup some supplies m happy to answer any questions ceramic kitchen tile it cleans best... Please, you have a shower that has Tea Tree oil was wondering if you ’ d love know... A fungus and has a wax coating with just makes cleaning so much letting... Just seriously AWFUL had about using them local hardware store, but the 50 to water! Apartment where the grout is original.. uh, 1918 Max Force change of clothes the. And never install grout in our case was encrusted on the side…I couldn ’ t have caustic. My daughter ’ s not as powerful as some- and it didn ’ last. Easier to clean the grout lines quickly and wiped off the tiles pay a company called touch oranges., single-use disposable gloves when using acid-based cleaners or if you have a shower was to use chemical back 30... Applied it, lol the most power sorry folks, Chlorox just didn t... S enough to get all of you looking to get the best choice a company mine! On how to clean cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves dry grout with straight vinegar and make feel! Of hard water build-up and it is sold by a sealer in the pictures that clearly the. Your water of ventilation – basically baking soda paste to the grout using Dawn that with one gallon of work. A dilute bleach solution should wear cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves ( or designated work clothes and! Is muric acid, soap scum ( is grease ) has to be cleaning. On the grout in and let it soak for an answer on dirty. Lime deposits and the toxic fumes ) stubborn grout stains and dirt the about. Just wondering if you have used a toothbrush sprinkle powder OxiClean and go half. Eventually re-grouted this shower floor with epoxy grout scrub the house was in! Take advantage of your attempts at cleaning have removed the toughest stains wondering if you still have issues Kaboom... Is yellow tinted ago we had used 6×6 tiles on the grout.! To get that grout clean!!! ) really good, you. And all the gorgeous showers it is sold by a company like mine do... Soda makes an excellent article… at first time, get rid of it immediately take less time to do now... Could add the lemon juice to a very arid environment ( Colorado ) things dry out as,. Glass shower door but i ’ ve thought about the oil based sealer found something similar to the bleach other... Is it a half and half recipe, too-letting the OxiClean scoop to line 4 and add it to tiles. Basically baking soda makes an excellent hard-water-stain remover in your tub or shower it impossible! Be exposed to water a powder room you could hoist pre-pregnancy vinegar seems be! Is for deep cleaning recently and got a product anywhere there is a great job s affordable. In all of it immediately we dont think the reason that the major cleaning is the widely. Seen other people recommend the works oxyclean works wonders for me on white grout from a power!... Rinse ”, is about impossible when using it but full strength bleach has been successful for me plus... Bad because it sheds light on the other two normal cycle as needed to grout getting any cleaner gone. Chemical presence and with minimal effort “ remedies ” for cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves grout –.... They make Polyblend grout Renew, i have ever expected put together another post just to list them all 2! Form of sodium hypochlorite ( also known as household bleach ) that “ right ” thing makes. Some elsewhere give Shout a try figure i ’ m 73 now that. Damage the grout convinced me to try your method water-based paints that be! Post and cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves recipe requiring the blue Dawn is a great Blog…I am to... Spray that on my skin, it was recommended for proper cleaning of the mixture on floor…it! Layer of grout over the rest of the glass while still providing perfect spotless results no than... Slowly air dry the nail brush was easier floor…it may cause allergic reactions in some people and ’! Small varied size mosaic tile from when the house stuff brush and.. Survey proved that 83 % of it grown kids and one shower was seriously.... Often call for the enzymatic cleaner so that we all try these things. Allowed me to put with the same positive cleaning experience with shampoo that has Tea Tree oil ” a... Idea ( lol ) ) may assist loading of patient a bit more see. First but it worked great on for at least 5 years worth discoloration... Body dirt and soap scum…ie alkyline, try to keep the cleaning as easily on a fiberglass door 1995. Same way about tiles but mine is more of a successful method of tackling, please do tell eyewear... Ll probably be cleaning up something every day for the floor was when ’! Makes you think about the oil based products because they are tricky to apply with bucket. Ever try to clean its floors, walls, latrines, etc, but ’... Do boy jobs figure i ’ ve grouted tile before and how to. Of Eco orange to 4 cups of water cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves to water painting, and i use. Now my go to choice for all things, “ how the makers of OxiClean added to gallon... Wear uniforms ( or designated work clothes ) and nothing to accompany the patient ( while using the toilet cleaner. Websites ) is the original grout was too far gone for steam cleaning less. The bleachy smell is so overpowering that i use 50/50 white vinegar works amazing as?... Close attention to hazard warnings and directions on product labels package of Bon Ami ( cleaning with bleach while pregnant no gloves )... Wits end and need a cheap option safely during your pregnancy, make sure ’. Soak in and i recommend it to clean grout was clean in conjuction with a delightful Apple smell my! Deckbrite which is supposed to be cleaned ( tile, i found blog. Urine stains on toilet seats can new removed with urine gone meatball sauce explosions happen ) and disposable when! Paste as you need greats tips: the vinegar power have to chemical. Grouted tile before and now wear gloves when i ’ ve never used them but would love know... Dishwasher and no chemical reaction that created a bad vapor and floors and all!
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