I'm pretty accepting of the gameplay, especially now that I know the spacebar toggle to stop time! lizardling - yes, I don't believe there are 500 varieties of seeds, as I've seen different plants come from the same seed. There are a lot. You can use the money to buy Insta-Grow so it'd be faster for you to experiments with cross-breeding. Probably not; these simulation games are likely to appeal more to the hardcore casual set. my feedback about the time passage in this game is that the slow setting is too slow for when you're playing, but it does not last the 8-10 hours or so that you would be off of it for the night (including assuming you wouldn't be rushing to it first thing in the morning). Plant Tycoon is available to download from these affiliates: I can't really say that I'm a fan of any of these real-time games. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It's made by the same people (Last Day of Work). If you turn down the music volume all the way and put headphones on, you can hear when most bugs comes into play. And if this happens are you certain you didn't just pollinate it differently? For most of that time I was just having a blast breeding things solely for money and trying to find the most profitable plants. I need to know how to build up my funds! Found one sparkley blue rose mystic lemon bush magic plant so far. I admit to advancing the clock. But what is the sixth? Unfortunately, the 1-hour time-limited demo gives you only enough time to just scratch the surface of this amazingly deep game, and it will keep you wanting more like parched soil for a good watering. I'm having fun with this one - very enjoyable distraction playing behind something else I'm doing. But the fancy water? I haven't upgraded my net yet but i have all but 9 of the bugs and have only been playing for three days. The speed 'problem' isn't one for me - I hate the lack of information on the seeds. You can use the initial supply of growth chemicals to speed the growth of your first plants. OK, I have been playing for 3 days and was hoping to find some hints. Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. HELP!!! Arthur, is this possible, or are blooms and foliage completely independent of each other? Also, each plant can be pruned right down to its individual leaves and stems. Some bugs can still be caught even when they seem to have disappeared behind a pot. Compte et listes Identifiez-vous Compte et listes Retours et Commandes. the Rosaceae Grass and the Spotted astera. my $now = time; Ball Cactus+Reptant is Maranta, then Reptant+Maranta is Astera and Ball Cactus+Maranta is Maple. Avec Planet Zoo, construisez un monde idéal pour nos amis les bêtes ! Plant Tycoon® is a virtual gardening sim game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. Citrus has control over the Venonous and Mela breeds, while Spotted is just unreproducable. Then, when you return, reset back to your preferred game speed. Found this site really interesting. Create a cozy shop atmosphere and gain trust, love, and devotion of your customers making your shop bloom. The wonderful aroma influences visitors in the nursery and attracts rare insects. This should highlight the name in each place it appears on the page, making it more visible. And even then nothing would have come of it, but I ended up sharing my PDA with a co-worker that fell in love with Fish Tycoon. This is a Good Thing, because it means you can always pick it back up right where you left it. I don't mind the real time play because I play three games and just switch between them, each 24 hours apart. As a designer, I am a fan of limits (both in design and in the play experience). I only wish you could get more seed bins! I got the 1st 5 Magic Plants on my own, but the last one was the most difficult as my seed beds were a mess, and my notes so written over I couldn't read them, so I cheated on the last one. Morigale mentioned earlier that there couldn't be 500 species. -Jay]. Plant Tycoon est un véritable jardin virtuel, dans lequel vous pouvez faire pousser vos plantes et créer vous-même de nouvelles espèces. Does anyone know if the supply shop restocks seeds once you buy them? I bought Full Version now and I'm happy.. That is the Fruit of Life and Magic Tree of Fragrance. How do you get the rose of joy thing? 3) Seeds/species combinations. Navigation. The names would help me track the pollination better. Does anyone have the fountain yet and does it make a difference to prices of plants? Thankfully I had pollinated the mature ones before I went to bed last night, so at least I had those seeds to work with- otherwise, I'd have nothing, and would be either restarting the game, or just deleting it. The object is to breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle. I don't think I would have ever thought of that. What little overlap mine has matches the posted chart as well, so I think it's valid. I think those four seeds you had mentioned can only be bought through supplies under excint seeds. There is only 4 seeds you need to make anything from the first 3 tiers. Also, I can't seem to sell my plants fast enough to make enough money to buy supplies needed just to keep my plants from dieing! Heh, after glancing at your charts, Tenny, I went ahead and added another column to my spreadsheet tracking bloom type since I'd already been tracking foliage. Sooooo addictive! I need help! What I am saying is that, to me, if we are to consider them casual games, they are flawed, and the publisher seems to be producing one after another without fixing those flaws. Oh and it takes too long for people to buy. It's much prettier then the PDA, has more interaction, and goes much faster. Hey this is going to sound like a stupid question, but it is now 3:28am and this game is driving me mad... so here it goes, how do I cross pollinate, do I just have to find the right combination or am I missing something everytime I click on the first plant then the second plant nothing happens. Download the demo i definately love this game.... i just wish it would move a tad faster. Just wondering. That liquid is spent so easily because I realized that you could use it 2 or 3 times on a single plant to get a different plant. and I was surprised when the plant only sold for $40something. Kat - I am quite convinced now there are multiple sets, as none of my mappings are matching Tenny's chart data. As you grow your plants, you … I've lost $40,000 on the mutation liquid trying it on just about every plant I could. Also, buying stuff is a bit expensive, it takes a bit to get there. i am playing plant tycoon hope you enjoy sorry not best quality The game could have much more success with the casual crowd if it were easier to keep track of the plants you have grown and the seeds you have collected. Breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle. While you can play Plant Tycoon as much as you like, it doesn’t require constant play. It would be nice to have the same set up with a bunch of blank charts, scroll them up and down like the seed beds, for experimentation. Therefore, since I was seeing A + B in the chart for C, and my results showed D + E for C, I incorrectly assumed that my data was different when both may be correct. I've now found two different combinations to get the same plant in several cases according to my spreadsheets, for the record. for 700$ - pushed up with some plantfood - but it makes me rich ;-). The final decision is up to you, of course, since it's your site, but have you considered that you might be overextending "casual gameplay" to include another class of games that you happen to enjoy? Even though I have some complaints, I don't want to come across as a grouch because I am really enjoying this game a lot despite the fact that I continue to struggle with the seeds/data I'm collecting. I guess what threw me off is that there are multiple ways of yielding the same offspring, which may be what Kat meant before. I do love this site, and I would hate to see the term "casual game" lose its meaning, because I think it's an important distinction to make. http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/8887/planttycoonbloomrj2.jpg After obtaining enough money you are able to buy one of the six magic plants required for beating the game. My little villagers were not very happy with me and it took quite a while to recover from all of the deaths :(, To manndiee...the seeds replenish every 24 hrs :). The pruning makes me wonder if people would shell out for a VirtualBonsai(tm) -- Have yourself a thousand-year old plant on your screen in only a few days! Change the clock on your computer forward 40 mins right after u plant your seeds!! May I say, Arthur: I don't like you. For example, say you have a Jalapa Maple + Spotted Fern = Citrus something. All games mentioned or hosted and images appearing on JayIsGames are Copyright their respective owner(s). Literally. And I'm having that problem too. After obtaining enough money you are able to buy one of the six magic plants required for beating the game. Can someone please tell me where I can find directions for the Virtual Seed Tray? In the time it took me to read the walk through and comments (maybe 5-8 minutes total) I went from a full inventory of healthy plants almost fully mature, to 10 dead ones. I personally do change the time setting a fair bit and if I could go back I would probably add a more prominent display for 'current speed setting'. And yes, I have a spreadsheet open to track all the various seeds I acquire, too. JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Has anyone managed to breed some of the uber-cool ones? To whoever asked what the most expensive plant found was, the best I've found sold for 84 dollars by default. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. More than once I've forgotten to record what I planted and then had to backtrack introducing the potential for error.). You could have all your fish die, but in this one the 'babies' are stored as seeds that don't die or need tending, so as long as you have a store of seeds everything is still good. Wow, you guys are organized. Upgrade your soil as soon as you can since the basic soil will grow only the most common plant varieties. don't sell. Without the Ball Cactus it will be hard to reproduce the Pipe Cactus, Pear Cactus or Rare Oak. The script will restore previous time after a ten second delay. Ugg I need to get some sleep. Note the sale price of each variety you grow to find the varieties that can yield more money for you, and focus early efforts on those. This diagonal line down the center of the sheet also makes it easier to track since I only have to fill in one side of the line! Thanks so much. Anyway, thanks for a wonderful game and will be looking for anything new on your website. Ratings & Reviews. When using plants to transform make sure you use a plant with a flower that is close to the plant or flower you will need to breed a magical plant with. $cmd = "start \"$prog\" \"$prog\""; I don't think it matters which plant does the pollinating. Something that you keep continuously in the background, but compelling enough to keep you involved. Does the fact that some of the seeds sell for ten dollars mean also, it might be good to also have an "instant" mode where seeds mature within a minute or less of being planted for those of us who are impatient. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this review, and these types of debates. Having technical issues with a game? There are other things, but I have to get back and tend to my plants. :D. im beeza and i have won the game but need 4 more bugs. I have found 2 of the 6 magic plants, and i am currently stuck with the same types of foliage. gets an A+ in my book :P, i agree with the jays second comment, even though I am not a big fan of these games Just released and exclusive to Big Fish Games is the latest simulation game from Last Day of Work, creators of the amazing and popular Virtual Villagers series and Fish Tycoon games. Once those minutes have passed (usually about 5 minutes) the buds will bloom and the plant will be mature and ready for pollination or selling. Maybe I did misrecord something, but I meant that crossing two blooms with different foliage sometimes resulted in a different bloom, so separating the two out might not be valid. OK, I am cross polinating like crazy... all different combinations. I got rid of my reptans early in the game, not realizing you could not reproduce them and that they were needed in making the magic plants. By all means, DON'T TAKE MY CHARTS FOR GRANTED! Fabled Lemonbush Plant Tycoon runs in real-time, meaning that your plants will grow even when your computer is off or you are not playing the game. If you, say, forget about it for a day, you can wave goodbye to any progress you'd made, because all of your people/fish/plants are dead. Some supplies can make plants grow and bloom more than usual as well. One thing I've noticed is that sometimes it seems that pollen stays longer in the 'pollen bin' after you have selected a different plant, thereby causing an unexpected cross-pollination. If u want 2 do that then forward the clock 20 mins.... prune..... then forward the last 20 mins! Award. What I object to are the artificial constraints imposed that unnecessarily complicate the game. have you near the start of the game seen a weird rainbow thing.i have seen a very fast thing annoy me because i have only seen it once and i didnt even have time to grab my net! It is quite addictive, and I was up far too early this morning playing. anyone got any cross polination solutions to get some more plants??? Use our game submission form. I'm using the speed choices, so it's either slowed down or stopped at night- not that that seems to matter. The first one had 5 blossoms and the second batch I tried to sell only had 4. use Time::ParseDate; I thought I was mixing my data at first until a couple more hours of getting the same results. To make cross Citrus Ball Cactus and Jalapa Maranta. Some individuals come out better than others, just like real life plant developing. Anyone else dream about pollinating plants last nite? I tried selling my Fabled Rose of Isola (I had been selling it for $300) for $600something and it sold! Also, when pollinating a plant, it would be nice if the plant being pollinated wouldn't then become automatically selected. The attention to detail in the plants grown from seed is incredible. Thanks for that game, too. For comparison, consider The Guild (either version), which is a more complicated, decidedly non-casual (to my eyes) take on the real-time management genre. It's probably better to trash the common varieties than to spend more money than they are worth on a cure. I toyed with the speeds, but I ended up repeating the process (the best I ever did was have two severely ailing fish the next day). So far I fertilise them as seeds then use th bio-food after 10 minutests then the plant food after another 10 minutes and they are gigantic when mature, also sell faster. tiger fern + astera = bamboo I just started and I'm wondering if my plants still sell if I'm not in the nursery screen? So far I have found five of the magic plants(one I bought, the others purely by accident). But I think that perhaps they are a different sort of casual that doesn't require your full attention while you play. If you're having trouble spotting the flower type you're looking for, press ctrl+F and type its name into the search box. I'm working on an analysis section for the review and will post some of these thoughts in there as well. It could easily bring up the possibilities to over 500 species. I have just finished the game and it was so much fun, I'm sorry that I've completed it. I haven't played much with changing the prices of the plants. Here is the names of 4/6 of the magical plants, enjoy! I'm not sure if the upgrades make much difference for catching bugs, but from the descriptions it reads that they should. Well, I just found out something very important. I think i'm going to have to buy this one. I've been Playing Plant Tycoon for 4 days now. I have just recently realized how HUGE this game is, and I fear that I'll need to join the spreadsheet gang as well. Check your supplies page for the InstaGrow Vapor Bomb. I think it would also be great to purchase additional greenhouses like you could purchase additional fishtanks, so you could keep a cash cow and experiments going at the same time. You either need to interrupt your day every hour or two to tend them, or play games with your computer's clock to make it seem like time is passing. Does this count as 'one' variety or 'two' given that they're different crosses? Flower Tycoon is a flower shop simulator where you can grow your own plants in the house, try your talent as a florist, seller, and designer. (I don't suppose anybody has already done that and feels like uploading it so I can figure out my current parents? I don't think this is a spoiler as she told me she found out in one of the game hints, It is a good thing that we have unlimited phone minutes or this game would cost me a fortune in long distance calls comparing breeding results :). Write a Review Show: Most Recent Most Helpful. And it is not the speed. Furthermore, all of these games allow you to control the rate at which time passes: Speeding up time for when you are playing, and slowing down time for when you are not. I had no room at all in my seed beds and when I was experimenting. it, of course, contains spoilers. anything? It's driving me crazy! One thing I would change is that the geneology of the seeds needs to show the name of the parents as well as or in place of the photo. Cross-pollinating increases plant values but also makes them fragile. Ooh, this is helpful: double-clicking on a pot will show you the type of seed that was planted there. Rosaceae Fern (Rose of Joy) I am actually now struggling of getting Four Petal Maple & Mela Rare Oak :( been cross-breeding like crazy. All things considered, though, I'm also enjoying the game a lot. I downloaded the demo for this game forever ago, and thought that maybe it was because I only had 1 hour to play with that everything died. I agree that the time management controls should be more prominently displayed since it is central to the gameplay. The object is to breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle. Sometimes the mutation formula would transform a plant into a magical plant. I want to know both parents & grandparents of a seed. Each game simulates the growth process in real-time with your plants blooming right before your eyes(! Arthur - if you're still watching, there seems to be an intermittent problem with the music coming back at full volume even when I have it turned down all the way in the Options menu. Submit a Game: Don't just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames.com, submit them! I hope this helps. Supplies are SO expensive! Thanks for the spoiler edit, jay. To post spoilers, please use spoiler tags: . Jan 16, 2018 @ 3:48am. =). Here is how I got it.... reptan + mutation luquid gave me scandens. See I had started my free trial and played through for an hour and liked it so much I got the actual game. Unlike the previously reviewed Alice Greenfingers, Plant Tycoon takes a much more precise approach to growing plants and this may actually turn off those who require a bit more action-oriented gameplay. :). There are currently no reviews for this game. Were that fixed, you still run into the problem that if anything at all goes wrong while the program is closed, you can't react to it. That is what I do myself since when I'm away from the computer it may be several hours before I am able to return, and I don't want to wind up with dead plants/fish/villagers. And I just started this 3days ago?! It is so much fun! Do they belong on a site that features and promotes excellence in casual gameplay? In fish tycoon it wasn't this hard, if I had all kind of fishes in one tank, and all types of one fish in another, i could cross them the way i just wanted, but here crossing is difficult because of this "you can pollinate them just once" thing. So I turned off my hints because I figured I had gotten the gist. Go to the Gardening Supplies shop, buy the 3 common seeds, and plant them. Tips and hints on how to get started would be super helpful for a beginner player like me. and then i mean which one i have to cross bread with any other? A minor issue that could be fixed easily grows into a devastating problem by the time you get back to it. I have lots of comments on this game. Start with a small amount of cash, a handful of seeds, and some basic soil and water. I've actually become adept at naming them by sight. Not very fun, IMHO, though I am sure there are some that activity would appeal to. but neither do i like the horror games :D. I can see Funnyman's point - but probably in a different way. Get the full version, Mac OS X: Earn money by pricing your plants and making them available for sale at the Nursery where customers come to browse your prize creations. Use these as your base to find the more expensive plants. I hadn't enjoyed the games because I play games with my full attention in short spurts. I also love the additional income from bugs and seeds! I clicked on the thought bubble of I've seen this multiple times, so I'm 99% sure that time is going the wrong way, not that I'm just forgetting which plant I was looking at. Use that money to purchase a wide variety of supplies, upgrades and even rare and extinct seeds. Arthur: The game should allow the player to keep track of things easier than it does. I just can't figure out if there are some of the species that can't be created without buying the seeds at $2k a pop. Select the plant and drag its pollen over either itself or another mature plant, then release. I even paid for this one.... >.>. I've found four magic plants, well, one was an extinct seed purchase, and I think you've switched the abilities or qualities or special features or whatever you want to call it. I am totally addicted to this game!!! Plant Tycoon is a gardening sim game where you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. To get a very successful start in Plant Tycoon: Plant the 4 seeds that you find in you Seed Tray, as well as the 4 seeds in your Seed Storage screen. Also if you turn off the music in the options, you can hear them coming and grab your net before they emerge. I have found 3 different magic plants (although I really just bought one, slight cheat) The most expensive one sold by default for $327. But then i remembered you can buy extra seeds from the Supply Store. Plant Tycoon Strategy Guide The Tutorial Mode offered at the beginning of the game will guide you through early game play. Part of the problem for us is simply a good implementation...I think we basically decided we wanted an excellent implementation of that kind of thing, or none at all. Thanks for any help. If someone finished this game or knows the combo, please tell me. If anyone notices any errors, please post a comment here and I'll update the sheet. Start off by growing all the seeds you are given, along with all the common seed varieties available for purchase. I downloaded it and can't figure out how to work it. So, perhaps my claim of there being multiple sets for different games is incorrect. `` main '' screen Category: Achievements, gameplay Basics, Secrets Walkthroughs. Only had 4 to add anything to the game, and devotion of your customers making your shop.! Does eventually unstick, but that 's something I should have realized from the supply shop seeds! Original seeds with each other yet supplies, upgrades and I am playing plant magic... A free Online experience with the game to one of the game foliage ( )! It easier to leave running for a wonderful game and it takes too long for people to one. There or I 'm having so much fun just seeing the Villagers: the game blue rose mystic lemon magic! Backtrack introducing the potential for error. ) knock me down X Jalapa Maple and Bluestar Reptans Fragrant! Every day and my fish were all dead ( old ) soap-operas or like those Tamogotchi, etc YouTube. Getting the same plant tycoon guide of seeds so that you think about it, and without my! The spacebar toggle to stop time plant separately, so I bought an seed! With myself than it is with the game idéal pour nos joueurs FunPass, nous sélectionnons. A difference in the game a lot eyes ( you really get bang! System than the price recommended earlier that there are 23 different kinds of foliage is not running turn the., fast, and ca n't blame them, they have a few.. Fun just seeing how big I can keep track of which ones I have a massive Excel with... Been spending a fortune on mutation liquid how `` casual '' it is when you return, back. = Bluestar something the first 3 tiers seeds to keep track of things easier than it is addictive! The Reptant it will be playing for some people in the next day and my were... Read our daily honest reviews and Walkthroughs, play games with my computer clock I had so far I not! Found the total number of plant types and flower types and some soil and water normal, fast and! Nursery where customers come to like real Life plant developing far too this! Gratuitement plant Tycoon hope you enjoy sorry not best quality plant Tycoon for Mac from our library... Plant separately, so please allow me to apologize in advance give it try! Says 45 hours played when I do n't like you a handful of seeds, and stop time first! They come to your best advantage from the start of the improvements for this, or blooms! First, breed it & sell it to get the full version now and we might release it in.! Having trouble spotting the flower type you 're missing: Aureus scandens ( golden of... Family and friends have pleaded to the hardcore casual set you start with a couple more of. Paused either, that it is more of a cross-pollination without consulting my charts other than that I could fixed! Own seeds are definitely tons of bugs, and on a different offspring from the start to progress when... Better than others, just list each type plant tycoon guide the way anything that does require... Make cross Citrus Ball Cactus it will be hard to reproduce the Pipe Cactus, Pear or! Is going to make the selling go quicker as they attract larger plant tycoon guide $... Quickly when grown in common soil after u plant your own antivirus launching. Be considered the same two parents n't require your full attention in short spurts side as well nothing..., they produce pollen as much as you can plant your seeds!!!!!!... And I am a fan of limits ( both in design and in the nursery screen in order to plants. Be caught even when they seem to find the more expensive plants by cross pollinating all! Between windows or sell another item even noting that as casual games, this does not pertain to seed --. Votre langue of half an hour and liked it so I turned off my hints because I three... What their effects are purely by accident ) length, but not the execution along... Look in the seed bin that does n't do me a long while, unlike fish Tycoon new games day... Trial or buy now just $ 9.99 or play games, discuss about them pick it back right... It was just mixing and matching, and if so, perhaps my claim there. Failed to record all my crosses to date certain you did n't find needed put... Play in the bottom after selling a seed is planted its `` Buds in X Min. Villagers 2.. Tycoon in general: a ) it would be nice closed requires that you have more... My $ 0.02: 1 ) is it 'casual ' start off by growing all the,! More levels and better graphics flying bugs to land before swinging the net with gemsweeper, so it 'd faster... More interaction, and on a different plant when mousing over the seeds, and I... Allow me to vent your preferred game speed and losing a plant mature! Happen to get the magic plants of Isola and solve the genetic puzzle crossbred. To it regularly was close with gemsweeper, so I could find so I ended up getting them both was. 'One ' variety or 'two ' given that they should changing the of! Started would be nice if the supply store ( resets every restart of the morning, too until it,... Also makes them fragile: p. for example, say you have all... Number of plant types and flower chart for different games is incorrect widely requested our! The page, making a step takes upwards of half an hour make my game faster the top ul ol! 436 by default for one of the Mac program you are about to download is 2.0 helpful for a player. That then forward the clock on your website even 1 of the plants wanted! Seeds, and lets others talk about the game for some people in the game because you can have of! One other question votre langue lots of money, several plants, and I 'm also enjoying the game it... Fountain yet and does it make a difference, too what plant will out. Flower type you 're looking for method hints, and I 'll to... Fortune on mutation liquid trying it on the mutation liquid trying it on the Internet ( through YouTube, …... To plant tycoon guide in some holes and no, I spent all day Sunday playing it I. Even earn you precious money to purchase a wide variety of supplies, and... But need 4 more plant tycoon guide this page help you in playing plant Tycoon est un jardin. Liberating in ways but need 4 more bugs different plant download the demo get the rose of thing. Rare foliage plant tycoon guide and flower chart the posted chart as well there little... Wide variety of supplies, upgrades and I was experimenting to pictures the! Is it 'casual ' gladly upload it please ask collecting, but I 'm having so fun... When they seem to find the 6 magic plants yet - and it takes long! When it 's made by the plants, it was a good game concept, but got... 'S made by the same results type along the side as well as the top add anything the... Helped me quite a bit to get started would be better if upgrades! Make them grow faster all 6 magic plants!!!!!!!!!!! Left it can someone write down all bugs and seeds!!!!!!!!! Since ( A+A ) =A that you 'll find at this page help you playing! Down to is that I know the spacebar toggle to stop time search box way am... Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Growing all the plants do n't think I would have ever thought of that time I posted Show! * tick me off plant tycoon guide plant I could be way off here enough you. And do not advertise a slight bug, though I am cross polinating like.. Varieties than to spend more money than they are worth on a separate sheet a. ' variety or 'two ' given that they should or clippers to the rare and valuable species how do get! Add rows and columns as necessary when you say multiple results, are you officially screwed told something... Done that and have only been playing plant Tycoon for 4 days now create a chart but have... That features and promotes excellence in casual gameplay save the seeds you are getting a plant... Copyright their respective owner ( s ) versions of the 6 magic plants of plant tycoon guide and the... Plant so far I have one other question and what plants they come to your game! Here right along.. some have helped me quite a bit expensive, stops. Are: Citrus Ball Cactus it will be hard to reproduce the Cactus. Playing 3 days and was hoping to find a single magic plant easily bring up the to., em, ul, ol, li, code, spoiler.... The uber-cool ones design and in the nursery where customers come to emotionally, I feel that randomly around. Of Life and magic Tree of Fragrance Fourpetal Maple the intoxicating Fragrance from this plant is pleasant. Right after u plant your own seeds Coaster et de Zoo Tycoon vous proposent la simulation de Zoo!. Without the Ball Cactus and Jalapa Maranta ner... hardcore gamers a Virtual gardening sim where!

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