This hour class will help you calm down, release muscle tension and improve your mood. This is the perfect continued education for natural health practitioners or for individuals interested in sharing Medical Qigong with others. Learn how to self-soothe. From this list, you can take any of the qi gong course to learn qi gong in details and become master of qi gong. ), You have problems sleeping because your overactive mind keeps you awake at night and distracts you during the day, creating anxiety, stress and a feeling of overwhelm (you may feel tense in your body, sometimes to the point of physical discomfort), Your busy mind can make you frustrated and irritable with family and friends...and maybe even depressed, You wish you had superpower magic skills to zap your endless mind chatter and make it all go away. Not only do these movements benefit your blood flow and nervous system connections, they also gently stretch the soft tissues of the body which allows for flexibility and comfort throughout your daily activities. Beginner friendly. Contents hide. What is Taoist Medical Qigong. Subtle secret practices of the ancient art of Medical Qigong will be given for protecting the healing … Whether you want to recharge your current practice or learn it for the first time this online course is a great way to create a daily practice ritual to keep your body energetically fit and healthy. This is a way for me to generate income for our local nurses in the Intensive Care Unit here in Kerry, Ireland. Bill guides you through each lesson and breaks down each movement in detail. Email: Medical Qigong was modernized after the Cultural Revolution and synthesized to be used a cheap form of healthcare for the general public. Dragon and Tiger Qigong was passed down to Bruce in China from Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine. What is Qigong? Online Events Online Classes Online Health Classes #yoga #mentalhealth #meditation #qigong #taichi #holistichealth #guided_meditation #meditation_for_beginners … Learn Qi Gong in China. QI - Life Force Energy. 1 On Wednesday, January 15, leading Qigong practitioner Dr. Roger Jahnke will show you how to deepen and advance your Medical Qigong practice to bring your capacity to self-heal into EVERY part of your life and wellbeing.Are you ready to … 5 Breathing techniques. This is an opportunity to find out whether you enjoy Qigong and my style of teaching. Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s seven movements literally trace the acupuncture lines of your body to move and disperse stagnant chi. It helps people in so many ways because it’s fairly easy to learn, quickly boosts and balances your chi – which in turn guides and benefits every other system of your body – and provides benefits even if you do it poorly. “I feel centered, stressful situations don’t bother me as much. Discover the Fire is a dream project created by Qigong instructor Jeff Simonton to pass along the teachings bestowed to him by renowned Medical Qigong Teacher & Healer, Master Binhui He through convenient online learning.. Jeff resides in Durham, NC with his wife and son, and has studied a variety of martial arts since the time he was a child, which … FIVE ELEMENT QIGONG. In your free weekly sessions your will learn simple Qigong methods to help you: Quell anxiety and stress to uplift your mood and improve your sleep so that you feel at ease and relaxed, Melt away any pain, stiffness and tension in your body so that you feel loose, flexible and more agile, Breathe properly to calm a busy chattering mind, transforming it into one that is crystal clear and focused, Overcome overwhelm so that you feel more able to take life's challenges in your stride, Elevate your energy levels so you can enjoy pursuing hobbies and spending time with your loved ones. Looking forward to you joining me on the start of your journey to a happy mind and revitalised body! Online Qigong Lessons. QiGong is a wonderful ancient method of movement, breathing and meditation to train mind and body and awaken your soul. Dragon and Tiger Qigong will teach you how to feel all the parts of your body and wake up your nervous system while you become more relaxed, tone your muscles and improve blood circulation. An online QiGong course at your own pace Learn 15 QiGong movements. Learn qi gong from the free qi gong courses and free qi gong classes online. Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. We value your privacy and would never spam you. All of which means that if you are unable to learn Qigong directly from a Qigong master or suitably qualified instructor, then this course is the next best thing. In addition, we’ve now expanded and improved the program by including bonus videos of me teaching more advanced aspects of Dragon & Tiger. She was extremely proficient in the use of qigong for medical purposes. Learn Medical Qigong For Personal Health Medical Qigong Classes For Personal Cultivation The Self Mastery Series explores the profound wisdom of ancient medicine and applies modern knowledge toward your own personal cultivation of health. Subtle physical movement, breathing and qi cultivation practices, Exercises benefiting experienced beginner to intermediate practitioners, Q&A involving common questions students come across, Instructor level training material in 56 videos with over 8 hours footage. Helping clients achieve their optimum health in my Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture clinics in Kerry, South-West Ireland has been my passion since 2000. Cookies can be managed in your browser or device settings. My circulation has dramatically improved. For orders or customer support please contact us between the hours of 12:00–7:00pm PST. Access to over 20 online (8 hours) QiGong movement, breath work and meditation instruction videos and sessions. I still am mostly on 10 reps, but boy I can already feel the difference it makes. Connects you to the energy of the heavens and Shakes and clears stagnant energy out of every part of your body and further opens your legs and strengthens your kidneys. Lately I wear short sleeves and am just fine.“, -Padma O., Student of Dragon and Tiger Qigong. on how to easily and successfully learn the movements (3-5 per week), easily track your learning and practice progress. Each Online Teacher Training is broken down into 5 Levels. In the next ten years I believe Dragon and Tiger Qigong has the possibility to make radical positive change in the West. Whether you want to recharge your current practice or learn it for the first time this online course is a great way to create a daily practice ritual to keep your body energetically fit and healthy. If you are a member of our community it is likely you know about Dragon and Tiger Qigong and if not you can read more about it below. I have students who have been with me for over fifteen years who continue to explore the art with me, Plus I’m always learning more about it from Bruce and my own practice. This grounding Qigong practice helps clear out negative energetic patterns from the Organs, bringing the body back to a balanced state. I have much more energy during my day. This New Energy Gates Training Set is based on three live events and takes you step-by-step to learn the precise movements. Everyone loved the classes as much as I loved teaching them so, once I returned to my acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinics, I decided to continue teaching one class per week. 3 Meditation techniques. The movements are easy to learn yet challenging enough to keep Dragon and Tiger Qigong interesting for ongoing practice. Join My Next Free Qigong Online Class. Tags. Strengthens the flows between your energy field outside you and your lower tantien, which is the energy center of your body that most affects your physical health. After studying Medical Qigong at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China I've also had the pleasure of teaching Qigong to hundreds of lovely students in face to face workshops over two decades. These movements will continue to enrich your life as you delve deeper into your body and mind through practice. You will receive the online training course which includes 12 videos (MP4), 10 audio recordings (MP3) and instruction books. Medical Qigong Programs The IMQC offers a multi-level certificate program designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong. –Brad H. After you order and login to the site you will instantly be able to watch the introduction and Week 1 videos.You order grants access to the online group. ABSOLUTELY YES. Many qigong sets in China are named for the qualities and purpose for which they are designed. If you have questions, contact Sarina directly at after you review the Course Curriculum. Here is an overivew of each of the movements you will learn: Movement #1: Dragon and Tiger Meet: Chinese medicine gives it more specific meanings: the tiger’s immense strength and responsiveness are traits that derive from the liver—hence the tiger is a metaphor for a healthy and strong liver. It is sometimes called “meridian-line qigong” because it helps free you of energetic (chi) blockages by … Then, if you want to advance your practice further, I'm hoping you'll join me in my paid Space To Relax Qigong Membership Programme. Stagnant chi can be located anywhere there is a, Increases the speed, strength and evenness of the circulation of chi, blood and other fluids. ... President of the American Nutritional Medical … Five Animals Qigong is the 1,800-year old root of all medical qigong created by Dr. Hua Tuo (141-208 CE). Who Is This For? Brings earth energy up into your body and clears stuck energy down out of your body through your vertical acupuncture meridians. Course materials include videos, ebooks, visualization handouts, audio files and much more. Online – 15 Unit CEU Course: Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior – Acupuncture & Massage CEUs $ 299.00 $ 199.00 Medical Qigong for the Peaceful Warrior is an online course for healing practitioners who want to take their healing practices and their lives to a higher level. No matter what age you are, engaging with these practices will pour water into the reservoir of your overall health and vitality. I’ve seen people use Dragon and Tiger for purposes ranging from stress release to relief from cancer treatments, from learning how to relax to relief from repetitive stress injuries, from regaining flexibility to reducing chronic joint pain, from improving balance to releasing negative emotions, and from developing effortless power for athletics and martial arts to realizing quieter and deeper meditation. The Peaceful Warrior was filmed in Wilmington, NC as a Live Webinar. The Online Dragon and Tiger Qigong Course is designed to teach you all seven movements of Dragon and Tiger in ten weeks. Welcome to our newly expanded Dragon & Tiger online home study program. Butterfly Dancing – Level 2, we’ll add the breathing and introduce … Learn medical qigong exercises to reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression. It is sometimes called “meridian-line qigong” because it helps free you of energetic (chi) blockages by balancing the chi flow that runs through the acupuncture meridians or energy channels of your body. Its flicking movements loosen and begin to release stagnant energy from your body. It is like having a teacher right in your living room. The general purpose analogy in Dragon and Tiger Qigong is that you develop the agility and flexibility of a flying dragon and the relaxed power of a pouncing tiger. Releases stagnant chi that cannot move freely. In this Qigong Level 2 class you will learn to utilize ancient wisdom of Qigong to help yourself and others to heal and build & strengthen your own energy. Learn easy-to-teach Qigong practice to share with your Patients. I hope you will join me to learn this jewel of ancient Chinese wisdom. So now you can not only learn the foundations from Bill, but also gain from me insight into the more advanced potential of Dragon & Tiger. As I started this journey I was open and curious to anything that would happen. To complete all 5 levels for one Teacher Training is approximately 15 weeks: Level 1 - Body: in this part of the course we delve deep into the actual physical part of the forms as well as into the theory of Qigong. DO I HAVE TO COMPLETE THE COURSE IN 10 WEEKS? Please note that all Certificates are issued at the discretion of Master Anita Mason. The beauty of the online format and the way we’ve designed the course is that it allows you to find your way as suits you. Tel: (415) 454-5243 IMQC programs emphasize the analytical/deductive and intuitive approaches to comprehending and utilizing Medical Qigong therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. Become a Powerful Qigong Healer! Looking to improve & check my form I enrolled in Bill Ryan’s online course. The movements involved in Qigong exercises can help children to quickly improve their balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, agility, stamina and muscle tone. Lately I wear short sleeves and am just fine. This qigong course features Energy Arts Senior Instructor Bill Ryan who has been teaching for over 20 years and recently has specialized in Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong. My aim is to train many more people who want to become instructors and many more who can use it as a daily energetic exercise for health and vitality. One of the beauties of Dragon & Tiger is it’s simple enough to be learned well this way – which is not true of all qigong sets. You will also receive a teaching package of teaching materials. This Qigong course will teach you how to connect with Heaven Qi or the energy outside of the body and the energy or Qi from the Earth and create an ever-increasing life force for yourself. opens up and clears the energy lines of your “upper burner” including your brain. Training Qi Gong is very easy. Moves energy back and forth between the two sides of your body and especially benefits your heart and blood circulation. What a great combination! ... TCM is the medical philosophy upon which Qigong is based. He currently serves as a member on the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong based in China. 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong offers some of the most advanced online teachings currently available, in a thriving global community of learning and practice. Get incredible health benefits, strengthen your body, expand your mind and find inner peace with Qi Gong! About the Founder. The Bonus lessons from Bruce Frantziswill become available at the conclusion of the 10-week course led by Bill Ryan. In this online course you will learn the techniques to make mind and body healthy, to create balance and tranquility within and to get your mind and body in optimum condition. I work in the cold quite a bit and always needed layers of clothes or a sweater. Spring Forest Qigong Level 2: Qigong for Healing LIVE ONLINE 4-Part Online Training Class. Evaluate both and decide for yourself. Join Now For Free! I work in the cold quite a bit and always needed layers of clothes or a sweater. 50% goes to the nurses and 50% towards the upkeep of my website. Conducted in Maui, HI and Europe. Movement #6: Pierce Heaven and Earth:  Plus it’s such a sophisticated art that you can study it for years and keep learning. Movement #7: Dragon Soars to Heaven and Brings Back the Pearl: Over ten weeks senior instructor Bill Ryan will guide you step-by-step through this time-tested program for learning Dragon & Tiger’s seven movements. While all are … I’m also a practitioner of qigong tui na bodywork, a form of Chinese medicine. the flows within all the energy lines awakened in the previous exercises. Continues what Movement 1 began and extends energy around your torso and out each of your arms. A Qigong for Beginners site wherein you have 2 options; either learn (with me) over videochat (which is the preferred mode as coaching is personalized) or buy an online program which has a lifetime of support. It is simple, effective and fun to learn. No surprise that this uncomplicated method of self-care is everyone’s favourite! Medical Qigong with Dr Roger Jahnke. You’ll be impressed with the clarity of Bill’s presentation, his attention to detail, and his concern that you learn it well and safely. “This powerful qigong (chi gung) set offers about 80 percent of the benefits of longer, more complex forms, but in just seven simple movements that are relatively easy to learn for astounding health benefits not found in most Western exercise systems.”, -Zhang Jia Hua, Master of Dragon and Tiger Qigong. Posted on 8 January 2020 by Paul Martin November 21, 2020. Whether you are new to Qigong or an advanced practitioner, you can learn and benefit from our full course curriculum. I founded and directed one of the largest tai chi and qigong schools in the country. Learn The Healing Power of Medical Qigong from 3 Treasures Healing, providing programs for Medical Qigong Certification in the United States with classes in Florida and New York. These are the free qi gong classes and courses to learn qi gong step by step. Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists Receive 15 CEUs. LEARN MORE. Learn Medical Qi Gong - Ancient medial qi gong practice. Quickly raises the energy levels of the body to boost your natural healing capacities. Bonus footage includes: “I have been practicing internal arts for almost 3 decades so I’m not a novice to Qigong exercise. This. After working with thousands of students and clients, I came to the conclusion that of all the arts I know, Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong has the most potential to help the most people build, maintain, and/or regain their health and vitality. Medical Qigong Programs The IMQC offers a multi-level certificate program designed to teach the theory and practical application of Medical Qigong. didactic theory, without sacrificing the absolutely essential in-person transmission and direct supervision from a Master Instructor. As a result, I have smoothed out my performance of the set which has helped to release stubborn tension in my back & neck. Lots happened! Gong- Mastery. This allows for self-paced study, combined with live webinars for (extremely thorough!) At one time, she was the vice president of the All China Qigong Association. In addition I also share this wonderful healing practice with you all in the wider online community through my online meditations and membership programme called Space To Relax. Unlike a lot of Qi Gong instructors Peter Caughey explains the Chinese medical aspect … I started teaching twice weekly free Qigong classes live on Zoom at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown as my contribution to help everyone alleviate their anxiety and stress around the pandemic. New! For once I joyfully practice every day – some days only a few minutes in the morning, some days more. This enables those of you with no Qigong specialist in your locality to learn in your own time, in the comfort of your own home. Since we first launched this program over 1,200 people have taken the course, and their reviews back consistently have been highly positive. The dragon’s ability to fly is a trait that resides in the lungs—hence the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs. Join your fellow students and practitioners from around the world in the live interactive sessions or in our online community to support and learn from each other while you discover how to open your mind and expand your paradigm of reality. According to Chinese medical thought, practicing Qi Gong can cure, as well as prevent all kinds of illness, including diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension and cancer … I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested to improve health and well-being or is on the lookout for a new spiritual path.”. Golden Ball Qigong is a beautiful easy Qigong set to learn. Qigong Five Animal Sports Theory and Exercises with Dr Yang; Detailed qigong theory and exercises of the Five Animals “Frolics”, with TCM details by Kathy Yang. The more you put into the system, the more you transform your own. By using this site you consent to the use of cookies and our terms and conditions as published on this website. After studying Medical Qigong at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China I've also had the pleasure of teaching Qigong to hundreds of lovely students in face to face workshops over two decades. What You Learn LifeForce: Tao of Medical Qigong engages serious students in a unique energy training program that takes them far beyond the mind’s capabilities. “Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s seven movements literally trace the acupuncture lines of your body to move and disperse stagnant chi.”, -Bruce Frantzis, Lineage Holder and Taoist Master. It is never too late or too early to start learning Qigong! Especially benefits your liver and lungs. Finally, I want to give my thanks to Bruce Frantzis for bringing this piece of Qigong wisdom to the west and to Bill Ryan for assisting in spreading this knowledge.” Copyright 2020 - Space To Relax - All Rights Reserved. I feel centered, stressful situations don’t bother me as much. ... Great teacher whose … Zhang Jia Hua was so taken with Dragon and Tiger Qigong that in 15 years of a ctive teaching, during the 1960-1970s, she taught and qualified more than 20,000 instructors who spread Dragon and Tiger Qigong to over 20 million people in China. No prior experience necessary. Movement #2: Dragon Looks to the Horizon: Wisdom Healing Qigong Online allows you to learn, and practice any time, anywhere and from the convenience of your home or anywhere you can access the Internet. Movement #5: Tiger Pounces: ... Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. Always open to exploring other Qigong systems, I bought Bruce’s Dragon & Tiger books (both volumes) and put them to use learning the form. When you understand these core principals you will better understand how Qigong works and why it is so powerful. Learn in the Comfort of Your Home This correspondence course will train you to become a Certified Medical Qigong Self-Healing Instructor. Thanks and enjoy your visit to our website! Each week you will be given two practice sessions so that at the end you will have 20 different practice sessions you can work with. My circulation has dramatically improved. Tags. Our unique integrated approach blends the convenience of online learning with vital hands-on experiential education. You can complete the course at your own pace. Level 2 - Breath: this section goes into the breath and Qi aspect of the Qigong.Once you have learned the forms and proper alignments, … You can also visit our FAQ and Technical Manual for help. Qigong Posture – How to Check for Correct Posture; The Secret Formula for Getting Started; Learn To Relax; Simplest Qigong Movement; Article Library. The videos will be up indefinitely so take your time if you like, or go through the program multiple times. Online Classes, Healing Qigong “Thank you very much for doing the excellent online Heaven and Earth class. “Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong gives people a powerful way to take charge of their health and well-being.”, -Kenneth Lossing D.O., Member Board of Governers of the Amerian Academy of Osteopathy. Common Questions (7) Daoism (19) Qigong Benefits (1) Qigong Theory (25) Qigong Videos (4) Training Tips (14) During the course, both Medical Qi Gong and Qi massage techniques will be introduced and practice Medical Qigong and Qi Massage Course, 18-22 January, Bali — Yoga Indonesia This course is designed for therapists and body workers to develop the understanding of energy and learn how to give efficient and effective treatments while protecting their own sustainable well-being. Javascript DHTML Drop Down Menu Powered by CERTIFICATION AND CLASS INFORMATION CLASS DATES, LOCATIONS AND COST Continues what Movement 1 began and extends energy around your torso and out each of your arms. Peter has been running Taiji Retreats for over 17 years, based on Traditional Chinese Monastery … I found this program to be well structured, with excellent content including many warm-ups, specific exercises to build each of the 7 movements fundamentals as well as important Qigong Principles. Movement #7: Dragon Soars to Heaven and Brings Back the Pearl: Connects, combines and further strengthens He has been a long-time student and is a gifted teacher who has taught over a thousand students this qigong set. Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior is an Online Course for both Lay People and Professionals. IMQC programs emphasize the analytical/deductive and intuitive approaches to comprehending and utilizing Medical Qigong therapy for cultivation, regulation and clinical application. Movement #4: Tiger Separates Her Cubs:  ... individuals to be Qigong Practitioners, Instructors or Teachers. Certificate of Completion is provided. It is now available only through this online platform. It makes such a difference being able to follow along with you practising at your speed, with your highly detailed instructions. This set of Qigong exercises is practiced daily by millions and is part of the Beijing Qigong Universities' Medical Qigong Degree Course.

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