Blackman says he does sign writers to single-song contracts a few times a year. For songwriters who are unable to secure a publisher to represent their work, and for those who would rather not invest the time and energy necessary to obtain a publisher, hiring an independent song plugger might seem to present the ideal solution. Make sure you choose a music plugger who has a good reputation and is known for being honest. Why? Not Now. Taxi offers an additional membership to Taxi Dispatch which provides members with opportunities to pitch specifically for TV and films with pressing deadlines. On that, Bennet went to work, 24/7, to help this band with the crazy name (“Oh! Many of them have reported spending thousands of dollars on independent song pluggers—in some cases, tens of thousands. They can match your style and work with the right people, can potentially help you negotiate contracts, and even give you guidance as to which of your songs should be offered first. Artist royalties, or royalties in short, are the monies owed to an artist for the use of a master recording. They're essentially being paid for the contacts they've built. Song pluggers based in Nashville promote songs to their contacts for a fee. You may pay in advance for a one year period for a 10% discount. Each month we send you a report of what songs were pitched, to what artist/record label, and what the results of the meeting were. A song plugger or song demonstrator was a vocalist or piano player employed by department and music stores and song publishers in the early 20th century to promote and help sell new sheet music, which is how hits were advertised before quality recordings were widely available. All of the co None had ever secured that elusive breakthrough recording as a result of the pluggers’ efforts, and in my many years of teaching I have never encountered a writer without a track record who broke through as a result of engaging a song plugger. 55%. Broadjam’s success stories include writers who have placed songs in commercials, television shows, and movies, as well as signing publishing deals. They were also the ones responsible for developing and signing new songwriters. In the event that a plugger places a song, he or she typically does not share in ownership of the copyright or the publishing income. We don’t have a long-term contract, which gives you the freedom to use our service as you need it. There are advantages and disadvantages to both song pluggers and agents, and which one you choose depends on your current needs, how you want to pay right now, and what you are currently trying to accomplish. For additional information about Jason’s latest books, online classes, instructional audio CDs, and workshops visit He was recently consulted and filmed by CNN International for a report about the state of the songwriting business. The Song Plugger Agreement is used by a person who will shop a songwriter's songs to record labels, publishing companies, producers and artists or other third party users of songs for the songwriter. Many of the aspiring writers who responded to my Facebook post shared that they had invested significant sums to engage independent pluggers and/or knew aspiring writers who had done so. Copyright 2020 Foxhedge Music All Rights Reserved. There are song pluggers with excellent music industry connections and the utmost integrity. Ex : se regarder : "Je me regarde dans le miroir. It depends on the song. Reporting and Contracts. ($385/year), Songquarters ( provides leads and contact information for songwriters to pitch material to established and developing recording artists, as well as for television, film, computer game, and advertising licensing opportunities. We are the award winning World's no1 radio and press promotion company. Send us a demo for a free consultation: Contact. Après avoir travaillé comme chauffeur de tramway, puis comme song-plugger (pianiste installé dans un magasin de partitions et chargé de jouer les morceaux en vente), il rejoint son frère Jack chez Universal Pictures en 1915 ; Harry est alors engagé par Carl Laemmle [I 2] … It is available by invitation only. What do other publishers/distributors take? Retail? Listings include U.S. and international opportunities. It will describe your other responsibilities if the venue has any special rules. The label pays these to the artist. There is no such thing as a standard contract. Hiring an Independent Song Plugger. A song plugger is the ‘sales person’ and the position requires a combination of passion and detachment. From independent song pluggers to writing with a pro, is it right for you? Before any release of your music, we require prior approval of the copy; the album jacket, advertising copy, etc that the appropriate credits are accurate and listed, the names are in the right order and that any other contract caveats are met. We value transparency and make sure you know what is going on with your songs. No matter what, make sure to hire an attorney to carefully read over the contract and negotiate on your behalf. There are no membership fees. Some members whom I interviewed for this article stated that they joined for the pitching opportunities, but found some of the greatest benefits to be the access to collaborators and the opportunity to receive feedback on their songs. While tip sheets share information about those who are seeking songs, they do not pitch material. Create New Account. There sure are a lot of you out there. A portion of the submission fee is paid to the industry professionals to whom the song is submitted. Their pitching service connects members to music industry professionals such as publishers, song pluggers, hit writers, producers, and licensing agents for films/TV pitches, as well as major and independent artists and record labels both in the U.S. and abroad. A plugger is essential to get songs heard by, and placed with, the right people, as part of a broader digitally-savvy publishing operation. A good song plugger is connected, with his or her ear to the ground, and knows about new projects going on and who is looking for songs. ($795/year), Music Supervisor Guide ( provides a listing of film and television projects, as well as contact information for the music supervisors working on these projects. Typically, the pianist sat on the mezzanine level of … We secure the proper licenses on your behalf with those who want to record your music for distribution purposes. Right after he met with Epstein, Colman spoke to his right-hand man, a tireless song plugger, Mr. Kim Bennett, who also heard great promise in Like Dreamers Do. While prices vary, $500 for a 3-hour block of time is a typical fee and when approached strictly as an educational opportunity this can be quite beneficial, but it is unlikely to provide that breakthrough cut. Cancel anytime. You may change your level of membership with no setup fee once per year on any billing cycle and you may stop (cancel) the service at any time by simply not paying when billed. In the meantime, submitting songs in songwriting competitions to get feedback can help you present your songs in the best light and prepare you for the next stage in your career. The representative will receive a percentage of the songwriter's publishing royalties for the efforts if someone records or licenses the songwriter's songs. Over the past 25 years the Makin’ Music song-pluggers have received more than 150 Top Ten records and numerous Grammy, CMA and ACM awards. A song-plugger was a piano player employed by music stores in the early 20th century to promote and help sell new sheet music. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Though we’ve had songs become #1 singles, and artists who’ve gone platinum, you’d be hard pressed to find any hour of any day where there isn’t music from Taxi’s members playing on TVs all over the world.” Laskow added, “We’ve always educated our members by giving them written feedback, a free convention, and Taxi TV, and that’s really made a huge difference in them becoming successful.”. ($200/year). The bandleader may be contacted during rehearsal, or between performances. Otherwise, most of the “Pay to pitch” services just want your money. Note: Stay tuned for a new trend where companies who act as "song pluggers" arrange "non-exclusive" deals with writers. If you are ready to take your career to the next level and meet your long-term goals, you might want to think about working with a song plugger or booking agent. Many of them were formerly employed as music publishers or A&R executives. A song plugger is hired (either by publishers, individual writers, or both) to pitch songs they control the copyright on to artists, record label A&R persons, and producers with the intention that the songs will find a place on an album or single release. After twelve years as a staff-writer for Zomba Music, Blume now runs Moondream Music Group. These are independent individuals who aren't really publishers but try to get songs placed. The next song, which also happens to be about leaving, is being sung by Kellie Coffey. Colman, and especially the persistent Bennett, lobbied EMI's A&R men (the men who signed acts to recording contracts) to grab this Liverpool band with the weird name, but nobody cared. The specific company or artist’s name is not revealed. The material is not pre-screened, and the industry professional who is seeking material is paid a nominal fee to review all of the Broadjam submissions. All Premium services are included plus Contract Negotiation. BMI represents more than 1.1 million songwriters, composers, and publishers with over 17 million musical works. But they need funding so they sell false hope … There are independent song pluggers who pitch your whole catalog for a monthly retainer. Musician/Band. Song pluggers are often individuals who have experienced the music industry from a personal level. In addition to not having the time to listen to the songs, they have to protect themselves from potential lawsuits and copyright issues. Radio Pluggers. Most Nashville pluggers primarily pitch country, Americana, Christian and bluegrass music. Several companies provide opportunities for their members to by-pass the “No Unsolicited Material” policies that bar access to many industry pros. At least once a day, I hear something amazing, and lean back in my chair and smile.” Elkins’ comment is a reminder that not every song is “amazing,” nor is every song suitable for placement. Page created - May … Some charge upfront per song, some work for a percentage of royalties, some charge both. When a publisher pitches songs face-to-face to a recording artist, record producer, or A&R executive, it is unlikely they will play more than five or six songs during their meeting. Yet another route is to hire an independent song plugger. In preparation for this article, I posed a question to several songwriting instructors, and to my 5,000 Facebook friends, most of whom are songwriters or music industry professionals. You might also like these related blogs on songwriting: Maybe 50%. Song submission fees vary, ranging from $2.50 to $20, with periodic special opportunities for members to have their material pitched for free or reduced fees. Like other non-exclusive deals, the song plugger retitles the work and collects performances, only he does not treat the retitled work as a derivative and does not acquire ownership in such derivative. Songwriters who are not having success placing their songs with music publishers or who… Each month we send you a report of what songs were pitched, to what artist/record label, and what the results of the meeting were. We’re believers in creativity, chasing dreams and getting the chance to pursue your passion. Amazon Advantage? Though this album gradually garnered high praise, it was initially a poor seller. Hit License ( presents its members’ material directly to advertising agencies, music supervisors and companies looking to license music. They have the connections to get your songs into the right hands.

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