1: Lost Daughters of Earth 2, Worlds' Finest Vol. Green Lantern reading order, 2004-2013. 1: World's Most Dangerous, Justice League of America Vol. We follow four main characters: Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn, Corps partners despite being on opposite sides of the Rann/Thanagar War; doctor and reluctant Lantern Soranik Natu; and Guy Gardner, who Gibbons writes with level, Beau Smith-like aplomb. 1: Yesterday Lives, Justice League 3000 Vol. 1: The Ring Bearer, Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 3: Emperor Penguin, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 2, Secret Origins (Of The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes), Showcase Presents: The Justice League of America Vol. ), and personally I agree with Mark that in the timeline, sometimes its tough to trace one particular character rather than the DC Universe as a whole. Green Lantern Corps: … 3: Burning Down the House, Suicide Squad Vol. Uncle Gorby’s Corner Of Free Stuff: DC Kids! 2: The Face and the Brute, Crisis For Infinite Nerds: Alternate Histories and Parallel Realities in the DC Universe, Uncle Gorby’s Corner of Free Stuff: Spider-Man: The Japanese TV Show, All-American Comics 16-30; Green Lantern 1, All-American Comics 31-38; Green Lantern 2-3, Man of Steel 6; Secret Origins Annual 2; Secret Origins 32, 35, 36; Showcase 4, Legends of the DC Universe 7-9; Legends of the Dark Knight 127-131, The Brave and The Bold 28-30; Justice League Of America 1-16; Mystery In Space 75, Adventure Comics 250-269; The Brave and the Bold 50, 71, 85; Justice League of America 4; World’s Finest Comics 95-134, 136, 138, 140, Flash 123, 129, 137, 151; Green Lantern 40; Showcase 55-56; Brave And The Bold 61, Justice League Of America 21-22, 29-30, 37-38, 46-47, Atom 29, 36; Flash 170, 173; Green Lantern 45, 52; Brave And The Bold 62; Spectre 3, Justice League Of America 55-56, 64-65, 72-73, 83-84, Justice League Of America 91-92, 100-102, 107-108, 113, Justice League Of America 122-124, 135-137, 147-148, Tales of the Green Lantern Corps 1-3, Green Lantern (1960) 148, 151-154, 161-162, 164-167, May – July 1981, January 1982 – August 1983, Collects Green Lantern #168, 169, 171-173, 177, 179-183, 185, 187-190 and Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps Annual #1, Adventure Comics 253, 267; The Brave And The Bold 53-54, 178; DC Comics Presents 85; The Flash 123; Green Lantern 76; Justice League of America 21-22; Mystery In Space 90; Superman 88, 257; World’s Finest Comics 82, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1970, 1972, 1981, 1985, Crisis On Infinite Earths 1-12; The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Cross-Over Index 1; The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index 1, History of The DC Universe (Prestige) 1-2, Action Comics 584, Batman Annual 11, Batman: The Killing Joke OGN, DC Comics Presents 85, Detective Comics 549-550, Green Lantern 188, The Omega Men 26-27, Secret Origins 10, Superman 423, Tales of The Green Lantern Corps Annual 2-3, Superman Annual 11, Vigilante 17-18, Green Lantern v2 7, 40, 59, 162, 173, 177, 182, 193, 199; v3 51; Quarterly 6, Annual 2, Superman v1 247, Zero Hour: Crisis In Time 0-4, Showcase ’94 8-9, Underworld Unleashed 1-3; Abyss – Hell’s Sentinel 1, February, September – October 1995; January – July 1996, Green Lantern 92; Green Arrow 125-126 (also includes GL 76-77; GA 104, 110-111), Aquaman Secret Files (1998) 1; Batman Secret Files and Origins (1997) 1; The Flash Secret Files (1997) 1; Green Lantern Secret Files (1998) 1; JLA Secret Files and Origins (1997) 1; Superman Secret Files and Origins (1998) 1; Wonder Woman Secret Files (1998) 1, Legends of the DC Universe 20-21, 28-29, 37-38, Justice League of America: The Nail (Prestige) 1-3, The OMAC Project 1-6, Countdown to Infinite Crisis 1, Wonder Woman 219, Day of Vengeance 1-6; Action Comics 826; Adventures of Superman 639; Superman 216, Green Lantern (1960) 1, 31, 74, 87, 172; Green Lantern (1990) 3; Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold (1999) 2; Green Lantern Secret Files 2005, July 1960 – January 1984 (All others reprinted elsewhere, prior in reading order), Showcase 97-99; Secret Origins 11; JSA 32, 39; JSA Classified 1-4, February – April 1978, February 1987, March 2002, October 2002, September – December 2005, Infinite Crisis 1-7, SFO, “Infinite Discussions”, Day of Vengeance Special, Omac Project Special, Rann – Thanagar War Special, Villains United Special. Green Lantern - Green Lantern Be The Character Apron . Anyone who knows their DC, basically.Also, for the more modern books, I wouldn't include the lesser works in this list, such as Willworld, Traitor, Zero Hour, most of the early GLC series by Gibbons, the Winick books outside Power of Ion, Circle of Fire, Emerald Dawn 2, Ion, Agent Orange or Blackest Night. Worst art? We offer Modern, Bronze Age, Silver Age, and Golden Age comics. 2: The Villain's Journey, Justice League Vol. Thanks for chiming in! The trade paperback edition of The Archer's Quest (#16–21) was released as Volume 4 in the series after Straight Shooter (#26–31) was released as Volume 3. 1, Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. 1: The Extremists, Justice League of America Vol. 1: The Signal Masters, Justice League International Vol. 6: The Secret History of Task Force X, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Adult Education, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Dominator War, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Strange Visitor from Another Century, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Quest for Cosmic Boy, Supergirl Vol. 2, The Green Lantern / Green Arrow Collection, The Flash / Green Lantern: The Brave And The Bold, Showcase Presents: The Brave And The Bold: Batman Team-ups Vol. 1: Redemption, Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. Add to Cart. 1: The Kids from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. 3: Full Circle, Batman and Robin Vol. But, the first three issues, a poor attempt at a Final Crisis tie-in, give a fantastic view of how the Green Lantern Corps is like a police force, complete with an Internal Affairs Bureau; even better, Hal mulls his conflicted feelings over Sinestro's pending execution. A Discworld Graphic Novel, Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Vol. It all begins when Earth's Green Lantern encounters a mysterious alien hiding in plain sight, setting off a chain of events that will bring the Green Lantern Corps to its knees. Major lines. 2: Gotham's Most Wanted. After escaping from a mental institution, the disturbed Nero soon … 1: Open For Business, Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 1: All Hail, God Mammon, Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps Vol. Each trade paperback is over five-hundred pages long, reprinting classic stories in black and white. If we … most of my DC reading is Vertigo) :)I doubt she has much interest in, or the patience to wade through a bunch of old continuity from the 70's and 80's, and I also think more modern art would entice her more. I've heard such good things about the current GL series, but I'm afraid that's too new for my wife to start with, but I'm not sure if that's actually the case or not.I should also say that I already own DC: New Frontier, so I've got that one covered.Thanks for the help! Add to Cart. Review: Usagi Yojimbo Book 8 – Shades of Death, Review: Ghost Rider / Wolverine / Punisher: Hearts Of Darkness, Review: Queen & Country Vol. 2: Alignment: Earth, Aquaman, Sword of Atlantis: Once and Future, Archer & Armstrong Vol. 2: Into the Warzone, Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Collide Vol. 1: The Ghost Sector, Justice League Odyssey Vol. $5.99. Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. Alan, Hal, and Ganthet show up early, but the series has an interesting turn around when Kyle starts to think about creating a new Corps. 1: Kicking and Screaming, Black Monday Murders Vol. 2: Hunt and Be Hunted, Y: The Last Man Vol. 5: A Lonely Place of Living, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. I liked these characters, I understood their conflicts, and I've been with Green Lantern Corps ever since. Which means almost half of what Marvel is putting out into the world of trade paperbacks feature the adamantium … 3: The Trials of Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Bulletproof, Superman: Action Comics Vol. While they're essentially kiddie books, those Broome and Kane stories are rife with imagination and built the GL mythos. 2: Ends of the Earth, Amazing Spider-Man: The Fantastic Spider-Man, Animal Man Vol. 2: The Books of Magic, Justice League Dark Vol. 2: The Phantom Lantern, Green Lanterns Vol. For someone like me who came into Green Lantern via Kyle, New Frontier was like a lightning rod in terms of demonstrating to me who Hal Jordan was, beyond that stodgy guy with gray hair at his temples.I'm not yet familiar with the older Green Lantern Corps books, but I'll make a point to read those soon. 2: Source Code, Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Vol. 4, Flash, The Fastest Man Alive: Full Throttle, Flash, The Fastest Man Alive: Lightning in a Bottle, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring the Flash, Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman, Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE Vol. Visionary writer Grant Morrison is joined by superstar artist Liam Sharp as together they explore just what makes Hal Jordan tick. 1: Lesser Gods, Batman and the Outsiders Vol. 2: Love Is a Battlefield, Wonder Woman Vol. Would certainly appreciate your input on a reading order from Rebirth on, weaving the GL series with Corps, Ion, etc... Might do that specifically one of these days, but in the meantime if you follow the Green Lantern books in the DC Trade Paperback Timeline, I think that'll tell you about what you want to know, and then some. The Golden Age Green Lantern Archives Vol. 2: War and Peace, Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 2, All proceeds go toward purchase of books for review on the site. 1: The War That Time Forgot, Ghostbusters Vol. 2: The Day the Stars Fell, The Terrifics Vol. 1: The First Hundred Days, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Vol. In the spirit, let's say, of Clark and Lex in classic Smallville, Hal and Sinestro are such good friends, and it becomes crystal clear here that all their world-spanning problems ultimately stem from being so mad at each other that, when it came down to it, they didn't agree on core principles. Batman/Superman Vol. DC Archive Editions ... Green Lantern (vol. There's surprises in this book that get me every time.Green Lantern: Baptism of Fire - With Kyle Rayner having been my first Green Lantern, I have a soft spot for that era. It's from the middle of Geoff Johns's Green Lantern run, but it goes back to Hal's origins, and retroactively sets up a bunch of things in Johns's Green Lantern title. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel, Superman: Action Comics Vol. 1: The World's Worst Superhero Team. Hal Jordan's appearance in Worlds Collide and New Krypton Vol. I gotta say, I don't find this sort of list (presenting a comprehensive list of 56! 4: Juggernaut, Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War, Star Trek: Harlan Ellison's City on the Edge of Forever, Star Trek: New Frontier: The Returned, Book One, Star Trek: New Frontier: The Returned, Book Three, Star Trek: New Frontier: The Returned, Book Two, Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimilation-2, Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows, Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Vol. 1: Phantom Earth, Superman: The Unity Saga Vol. 1: Faces of Death, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 3: Game Over, Superman: Action Comics – The Oz Effect: The Deluxe Edition, Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite, Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 7: The Darkseid War, Part 1, Justice League Vol. Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn Trade TPB 1st Printing DC 1991 Origin Story DC Comic. Which is a good thing anyways. 1: Intergalactic Lawman, The Green Lantern Vol. 1: The Michelangelo Code, Astonishing X-Men Ultimate Collection Book 2, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Ultimate Collection, Avenging Spider-Man: The Good, the Green, and the Ugly. In this trade paperback collecting GREEN LANTERN #7-12 and ANNUAL #1, Hal Jordan and Sinestro find themselves investigating a crime that leads them to the homeworld of the Indigo … In the late 1950s and early 1960s, he was the artist tapped to relaunch both Green Lantern and The Atom, and, during the '60s, he was responsible for the first mass-market comic books, including the magazine His Name is Savage and the illustrated paperback … 3, Fantastic Four by Jonathan Hickman Vol. Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 3, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Vol. It's required reading for anyone that wants a modern story that defines Hal Jordan and his place in the DCU. 1, Showcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. Fair comment, Anon; as Mark demonstrates, I think the readers feel both ways. Though James Robinson's Golden Age wasn't quite Green Lantern-centric enough for this list, quite agreed that it's a great book and probably something that should be on every DC Comics fan's shelf -- how long until DC publishes a deluxe hardcover edition, I wonder?It's interesting to read through the Kyle Rayner-era Green Lantern trades and see how Ron Marz, and then Judd Winick, slowly integrates Kyle into the Green Lantern mythos. Collects Green Lantern 26-28, 36-38 and Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lantern 1 2: Vandal Savage, DC Universe Presents Vol. Though not specifically a Green Lantern story, James Robinson's Golden Age shines a nice spotlight on Green Lantern Alan Scott as the powerhouse of the group. Predator Omnibus Vol. 3: Rotworld -- The Green Kingdom, Teen Titans Vol. 2. I'd like to disagree with Anonymous; as both a Green Lantern and Flash fan, I like having a list like this, broken down by "era" as it were, so I can have an overview of all the relevant books out there. Quite welcome, Mark -- tell your friends! 2: The Dominators, Legion of Super-Heroes: Teenage Revolution, Legion of Super-Heroes: The Curse - Deluxe Edition, Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga, Loki: Agent of Asgard Vol. 1: We Do Not Sleep, Gotham Central Vol. TRADE PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-1-77950-937-6 After answering a distress signal from distant space, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Green Lantern discover … 1: Reign of the Cyborg Supermen, Supergirl Vol. 7: Twilight, Comic Issue Reading Order: Hercules: Chaos War (Marvel Event), Review: Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation, Uncle Gorby’s Corner Of Free Stuff: Beasts of Burden: Stray, Uncle Gorby’s Corner Of Free Stuff: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Uncle Gorby’s Corner of Free Stuff: Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic, Review: Jonah Hex: Only The Good Die Young, Uncle Gorby’s Corner Of Free Stuff: DCU Heroes And Villains, Review: Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 1: War of the Monsters, Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE Vol. 3: Takeover, Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men Vol. 6: Universe’s Finest, Batwing Vol. 1: Who Killed Superwoman? 3: Unresolved Targets, Gotham Central Vol. 1: The Faust Act, Wonder Twins Vol. 2, Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team Ups Vol. That doesn't work so well with Superman or Batman, because there's got to be hundreds of books out there (I mean, each character has a half-dozen monthly series!) 2: In the Shadow of Ancients, Batwoman Vol. 5: The Joker’s Last Laugh, Harley Quinn Vol. Just so I know what volume I need to buy next! Though some of you may be looking to read from the start of today’s continuity (since hardly anything has changed for Green Lantern from the transition from Post-Crisis to New 52), you may want a quick start with the most important Green Lantern trade paperbacks. 4, Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Vol. 3: Final Frontier. 3: The Gathering Storm, Detective Comics: 80 Years of Batman Deluxe Edition, Dial H for Hero Vol. Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 1 (Showcase 22-24, GL 1-3) Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 2 (GL 4-9) Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 3 (GL 10-16) Green Lantern Chronicles Volume 4 (GL 17-22) VOLUME 3. 8: Blood of Heroes, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. Review: JSA Presents: Stars and STRIPE Vol. Green Lantern Vol. Now added -- thanks! 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Demon Knights Vol. 2: The Art of the Deal, Constantine: The Hellblazer Vol. I would start your wife off with Green Lantern: Secret Origin, Matthew. 6: Black, White and Red All Over, Harley Quinn: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book One, Harley Quinn: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book Three, Harley Quinn: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book Two, Heroes in Crisis: The Price and Other Stories, Indestructible Hulk Vol. 2: Harley Destroys the Universe, Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Cycle of Violence, Batman: The Dark Knight: Golden Dawn Deluxe Edition, Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol. This is one of Ron Marz and Darryl Banks' best, with Kyle, Darkstars John Stewart and Donna Troy, and Adam Strange all up against Grayven, an impressive Darkseid-substitute at the time.Green Lantern: Emerald Knights - More Kyle, more Ron Marz and Darryl Banks, this time in a time-spanning adventure that includes Hal Jordan and, better, Kyle versus Sinestro. 4: The Wrath, Batman: Detective Comics Vol. Green Lantern versus Aliens is a four-issue comic book intercompany crossover mini-series published jointly by DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics monthly from September 2000 to … ... Rebirth Volume 03 Quest for Hope Trade Paperback . 2: Legion of Super-Heroes, DC Comics Presents: Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City, DC Entertainment Essential Graphic Novels and Chronology, DC Universe Presents Vol. But with Flash and Green Lantern, who generally (up until recently anyway) only have one ongoing series, an overview of what's available is a lot easier to follow than going to the TPB Timeline and searching for "Flash" or "Green Lantern" (especially when titles such as "Ion" may not match that search).Also, by separating the issues into "eras" you can skip the ones that don't interest you; for example, I stopped reading just before Kyle came in, and picked up again after Rebirth, so I have little interest in any of the Kyle books. (Donation form temporarily out of service.). 2: Things Fall Apart, Justice League Dark Vol. Green Lantern - Secret Origin TPB (Trade Paperback) $15.47. So, I guess what I'd love to know is, what books would you recommend that would: A) give her good Corps stories, B) any good Hal Jordan stories, and C) are somewhat modern, but still give a good overall understanding of GL and the corps. Well, thanks, I appreciate this list and I can see the other point of view.And since you asked the question: I guess you've done something along the lines of "Top 10 pre-crisis trades" already (and I would put them at the top of the timeline). Best art? Corps is maybe less continuity-based (follows a lot of new characters) and the latest trades -- Sins of the Star Sapphire, Emerald Eclipse -- have been really dynamite, very pulse-pounding. You're absolutely right; I can't believe I forgot that one. And just a few notes to what Mark said -- the Ion miniseries leads in to Sinestro Corps War (but is not extremely crucial unless you specifically want to follow Kyle Rayner's adventures); Kyle does appear in Countdown to Final Crisis after Sinestro Corps War, but I'm pretty sure Green Lantern Corps never mentions those events (but I'm not positive). 2: Tom Strong and the Terrifics, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Vol. The Ion book has Countdown elements in it, but the GL Corps books do not.I would agree that unless you're following Kyle, you can skip the Ion stuff. 1: Getting the Band Back Together, Superior Foes of Spider-Man Vol. It's not so much a story as a treatise on all the things you like about Green Lantern -- moreover, Rebirth is likely the most uplifting comic book story I've ever read, where everything goes right for the heroes and everyone comes out well in the end.

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