Again, boating issues occur. I went on several websites before the charter that were supposed to be for charter review like We chartered a Powercat 514 for a week from The Moorings base in Corfu from 4th to 11th August 2018. Even if we suspect a review is fraudulent, we give the benefit of the doubt to the reviewer. The company offers vacation packages of various denominations. After almost two week it was reduced to a few thousand dollars and they were allowed to go home. My partner and I go to great lengths to assure the quality of the reviews. First was Oct 2009. With over 500 yachts in destinations from the warm white shores of the Caribbean to the timeless Mediterranean and beyond, we’re here to make your time at sea simply unforgettable. I don't know who to trust. Copyright © Inc. 2007-2021. From my perspective, I would rate this company as excellent. In any system the likelihood of a system failure is proportional to the complexity of that system. I think these excuses are abhorrent and pathetic. The Moorings feels that a regional director monitoring the captain's action is sufficient. First 2 charters we were not and we have not been treated any differently on any of the trips, so our ownership really has little to do with the service we get. I was exhausted for a week after this trip. This is meant to allow you to get ready and sail early in the morning. There was another charter assigned the boat that day, and they couldn't possibly make them wait, they said. We believe the captain was in on it. In our case, there were only two 37.2 monohulls in the whole harbor, and neither of them had a sign for us. The only offer of restitution they made throughout the entire trip was to waive the $50 charge we incurred for breaking a boat hook. All rights reserved. Very disappointed...beware. We ended on Memorial day. They did ask if we were interested in a catamaran, which we weren't. Things happen. We paid $690.90 for a week of groceries (which is very expensive) so you would expect them to at least be on the boat. I don't know who to trust. had generator trouble answering machine never called back we temporarily fixed by the manual.we lost day 1/2.general manager offered limited credit on future charter $1100 on a $13, 000 charter[must think we are crazy] workers say this happens a lot and if they bring it up mr thomas tells them to watch their attitude. We reported this to the police. We have reviews for The Moorings at other destinations as well as reviews for Belize as a charter destination. Don't trust their reviews. These used yachts come not only from our worldwide Moorings sailboat charter fleet, but also the worldwide fleets of Moorings Power, Sunsail and Footloose. called on vhf. They had the nerve to ask us to tow them back to Nassau when their boat wouldn't start. Everyone agreed that, with a few minor exceptions, the company, service, staff and equipment was wonderful. This was about the same as our others - a wonderful trip with few issues. We loaded all our stuff on the boat and set it out of the way as best we could. My brother and I planned and booked our bareboat charter almost a year ago, and paid top prices for the newest, top of the line monohull 37.2 available at the Moorings BVI. We all agreed Moorings provided wonderful service. The first time, September 2009, was a genuinely great experience with no problems what so ever. Last Stop brings the gear to the boat and loaded the tanks for us and secured them on the starboard side. and subject to u expected things happening. Apparently and are shills for The Moorings. As for your review on, we never took it down. Remember, they said it was ready and it was one hour after we were supposed to board. Nothing to do but enjoy the Caribbean, the food, and, of course, the drinks. It is a larger (62') crewed boat and our experience dealing with Moorings has been excellent. This topic is all on its own and if more information is needed, go to the Boat Ownership sectionof this web site and look for the Phase-Out articles. We arrived the day before our charter was to begin, and walked up and down the docks trying to figure out which boat would be ours (they wouldn't tell us) both the evening before and the morning of the charter. The Moorings Boat Ownership Progam has just two boat models, the Moorings 372 PC and 474 PC. Customer service was non existent. They finally sent someone out on 7th day to fix generator. The office staff person said I should have known this. Rest of the trip was excellent with no issues and we had some great sailing. This is the worst experience Ive ever had in my life. We purchased all the trip protection insurance offered, at a cost of over $700 but a Tropical Cyclone prevented us from ever leaving port more than just for a nerve-wracking, dangerous brief period. Several friends and myself wanted to sail the cays of Belize. It wasn't too bad, since we really didn't have much to do though. We had to make do with the starboard engine capped at 10 knots which for this type of vessel is ridiculous. We feel those are fair and reasonable. We just had a similar experience and we feel like the Moorings is giving us the runaround. I think our mistake was not keeping the over a bit when using the broiler.. It's a boat, not a home. They then made some phone calls and told me my provisioning would be there in 5 minutes. Midday we ran out of water in the first tank. Good luck getting your issue resolved with The Moorings. Spend more time on the water. The company has been in operation since 1969 and manages more than 750 yachts. To our surprise, our boat was not ready until 7PM, when a customer service representative told me the boat “Up Next” was ready for us. Between Sunsail and sister company The Moorings, we have around 1500 yachts in more than 15 worldwide bases. 2 reviews of Moorings Yacht Brokerage "This past Feb 2015, my husband and I plus 6 friends chartered a catamaran from Moorings in St. Martin for a week. The service this year, the food, and the interest in giving us the best adventure for our week were the best we have ever encountered and we've been plenty pleased in the past - particularly with the Moorings. The refrigerator barely worked and dripped water all over the kitchen floor the whole time. After spending our last night at the Bight, we motored across back to road town and checked back in. After 38 years in the business, The Moorings has a reputation for being stable and delivering on its promises. I had planned to go back to Tonga next summer but I will not use a charter company therefore I will not go. Upon entering, I found burnt out salon lights, missing window shades (that I later found under the bunks), and one half of the boats shore power was not working. But upon arrival, staff was efficient and courteous, the boat (a 43" Benetaeu) was spotless, ready for the 6 of us, and when, for example, we discovered the navigation unit wasn't working, they replaced it instantly with one that worked. [email protected], In June a group of friends and my family went to the Moorings in Belize for a charter. Master head didn't work, paddle boards full of water, missing isinglass panels/broken zippers, etc, etc. Also, during the whole time we were sailing, the oven on the boat did not work. The other engine was not on the cabin batteries and started. The 3-cabin Owners Versions are always popular with quick turnarounds at nearly full asking prices. We had wanted to sail legendary cays of Belize. Unfortunately for us, if they had been doing this job all along we may not have had such a terrible trip to begin with.The also insinuated they couldn't understand any objection to his conduct, calling them "shortcomings." We were told they had never had a theft of any personal items before so didn't need to use a safe etc. We were supposed to leave at 12 noon, and it seemed everone else was...there were either signs welcoming the party aboard the boat, or the other parties were already loading supplies and getting familiar with their boat. We ran out of water after 1 day because the dock boy forgot to fill the tank and we couldn't get the secondary tank to flow. The Moorings customer services doesn't return phone calls or emails. The outboard on the dinghy was sometimes goofy, but it worked great as a shore-boat and took us to various coves when we were anchored. Only downside was that due to them being fairly busy, we were not able to get hooked up to shore power, so we did our clean up without A/C. This caused us to waste a huge amount of food that was pre-bought through provisioning and money that we had to spend dining out. 8 talking about this. During our 8 days, we visited Norman, Peter, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and returned to Norman for our final night out. When I exited the boat to tell the front desk, I found the box of provisioning (which required refrigeration) sitting in the cockpit. When we requested that boat, we were told that the Esmerelda was assigned to a 14 day charter leaving the day before we were due back, and that a 14 day charter is "a big deal", obviously more important than our 7 day charter, even tho we paid premium prices for a top boat, just like they did. Initial The Moorings complaints should be directed to their team directly. Did you complain to the Moorings? Shame in me for not demanding to get off the boat the moment I got on the boat. Yours truly, Additionally, our motor broke for 1.5 days. This proved false, as the boat we were given was very beat up, damaged, older than advertised, and had catastrophic engine failure on both engines due to contaminated fuel from the rusty drums lashed to the deck to transport the boat from the BVI's to Nassau. This posed a problem, because the showers were filthy. The Advantages of a Catamaran. On the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix, these large yacht berths are unquestionably the most sought-after moorings in the entire world. Upon returning to Moorings after our 8 days, the staff could not have been more proficient or polite helping us return the boat safely to the dock. With the exception of Ursula (thank you Ursula!) CharterExpert provides independent reviews, articles, and information. These are boats, so problems do occur. canot seem to find it ? Think boat we had was in service TOO long. Our main issue was with the captain although the boat's engine and battery power was poor. These guys USED to have good equipment. This charter was a huge waste of money; don't waste your time or your money. We hope to do this charter again within the next year and we will return to the Moorings. The other boat, of 5 saw it all, we became friends, and they said you need to get your money back. Our yacht owners enjoy up to 12 weeks of sailing vacations each year on their yachts or sisterships in a variety of locations worldwide. I admit I should have checked. © 2004-2021 The next morning after I got up one of the engines would not start due to low voltage. In this article you will learn about some of the most appealing elements of Charter Yacht Ownership, and why this was the best choice for the Burgess family. After 20 minutes of consultation with someone on the radio the dock staff fixed the water problem. Each yacht had 5 staterooms, a captain, a chef and a steward. I cant imagine this happenign to someone else. If so, what was the resolution? When I complained again, they called the base customer service manager, Julien Hodge. Oh Well I have no reasonable way to get my boat to Tonga for a 3 week vacation. The most annoying problem was when I sent 3 letters and 1 faxed letter to there home offices I got absolutely no reply. I hope I was able to renew your trust in We all agreed Moorings provided wonderful service. Moorings offered a $800 sailing credit towards next charter, total joke. When we returned from the charter I left negative feedback on and charterexpert, com they were immediately removed. When I called the base they recommended we return to the base to get it fixed. We paid over $4000 to be insulted - they cannot stay in business for long when they run a company this way. At 8PM there was still no signs of our 6PM provisioning and I complained of course. They had brought it later on in the night and just left it in the cockpit. Dream Yacht Charter is the only charter management company that offers six individually designed charter management programs. The bigger charter companies like Dream Yacht Charter or Moorings offer: 9% guaranteed income over 60 months on the value of the yacht. One of the guys came out to meet us and brought the boat back in. I love the flexibility of use and that fact that we own a boat in the British Virgin Islands. There are three options once the program has ended: private use, place the yacht in a second tier charter operation for another 5 years, or sell the boat. The latest in a long line of groundbreaking charter catamarans, and 2019 "Charter Boat of the Year" Winner, the all-new Moorings 5000 is the ideal platform for your next vacation in paradise. Sadly would not recommend this to anyone. I got up and charged the batteries for an hour and went back to bed. This was the second time we bareboat chartered with the Moorings in Tortola, BVI. They also gave their apologies that our personalities "were not a match." My brother then asked for a replacement, and was told no other boats were available, even tho the Esmerelda 37.2 was sitting right next to the boat they had assigned to us. You also get up to 12 weeks of owner time at any of their bases in the world, although most owners can use on average only about 5 weeks per year. We had 6 tanks and 1 BC for a friend (my wife and I have our own gear). The Moorings Yacht Brokerage. I only mention this because the cabin battery was significantly discharged after 6 hours of 3 cabin fans operating off it. Apparently and are shills for The Moorings. It was a terrible shame. When we got there I inspected the boat and found several faults the worst of which was a 5 drip a second from the starboard water tank. Fresh Water system also failed due to separated fittings, no emergency phone was given, Fridge was inoperative, grill a mess, many non functional systems, Anchor windlass inoperative requiring emergency repairs at sea just to anchor. All Rights Reserved. I decided that this was fair enough or out of their control and I would make the best of it. Dream Yachts lets owners buy their boat from several major brands and lets buyers customize their boat to their taste in many cases. Outboard crapped out as we were going to follow service guy to go get ice/food..couldn't have happend at better time...HE COULD NOT get it going. Sponsored Story. His model of choice was the Moorings 433 PC, and he feels that she was well worth the wait. Stephen Daimler We left the next moring after preflight. We would expect at the very minimum a refund in the amount of at least 25%. While we were at Brewer's Bay (anchored) two men swam to our boat and stole all of our cash (approx $1200). Of course we experienced a few problems. Additionally, you will receive great advice on cruising the BVI in a Moorings Powercat. While my wife took care of Bobby's, I went to Last Stop Sports to get our dive gear. The food went bad the next day. Author: The Moorings Yacht Ownership Publish date: Dec 20, 2020. We have had more issues in other trips, such as the generator not working on a Cat we were on..etc. They have done everything they contracted to do and the deal has worked out financially for us as well as a lot of personal and family usage over the … Think these guys are trying to stretch the equipment a bit these days..NOT worth the extra bucks anymore.. Where do I start. We've owned sailboats for over 30 years, and our friends have owned powerboat for over 50 years. 43 moorings power cat - totally inoperable - stranded at sea, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. If you are considering financing a boat through our Yacht Ownership Program, then you probably have plenty of questions, especially if this is your first time purchasing a yacht. The Allure of a Motoryacht. had rigged emergency tiller-auto pilot didn't work. It is a major pain to get your own boat to the best cruising grounds. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with The Moorings Customer Service. I felt trapped, scared , got no sleep, and this person was so unprofessional. We've owned sailboats for over 30 years, and our friends have owned powerboat for over 50 years. It was, so we took delivery and went to bed. During his 12-year tenure, Raul worked with The Moorings, Sunsail, Footloose, Club Vass and LeBoat, over 1400 yachts, 1200 canal boats, 12 marinas and 90 locations in 29 countries and 5 currencies. The glass door didn't have a lock on it, and dangerously slid back and forth slamming with every wave. Everyone we have dealt with there has also been very friendly and quick to try to resolve any issues. They said that they were still on the way and asked me to please be patient. After discussion with the other members of our party we elected to terminate the charter early for safety and comfort concerns. This was the maximum cruising speed we could do all week. We have complained both to the Moorings Corfu and to the Moorings France through whom we organised the charter and they said that someone from Clearwater (Customer Services) would contact us to resolve the issue and this has not yet happened. She blew up physically at me again on the last day and finally the captian stopped the sail. We then did the boat briefing as it was our first time on this model and then checked back at the desk to give them our phone number. We leased the 433 Power Cat last month for a week in the Middle Bahamas. Of course we experienced a few problems. Spending a total of $5k. You can find it here: Pioneering the powercat market since 2002, The Moorings Yacht Ownership is ushering in its latest power catamaran offering with the introduction of the new Moorings 534PC (also known as the Leopard 53 Powercat).She is succeeding the most successful powercat of all time (the Moorings … The Moorings is one of the leading yacht charter companies in the world. I found it and brought my family aboard. Location: California. we arrived in port after 4 bad hours. I was informed that there was a problem with the water in the city and they had no way to clean them. We searched the entire boat several time for flatware, finally buying plastic ware, and when we arrived back in port discovered that only one person in the place knew where the flatware is stored on that the cabinet under the map station, in a tiny drawer behind the flares...arghhhhh! No one. The final problem was the snorkeling gear. We paid for an "Exclusive" - the boat was supposed to be less that 6 months - 1 year old. This allows you to use a sister yacht at any Moorings base. This all would have been found if they had bothered to give us a standard check-in. The real problem arose when we returned at the end of our sail a week later. provided cell phone & private cell phone got recorded message after 1 hour then they said help is on the way. We then headed out for 10 days of sailing. Generator worked less than 1/2 our trip. Welcome to the Moorings Yacht Brokerage Our brokerage offices specialize in pre-owned cruising boats, including sailing catamarans and monohulls as well as power yachts. I'd highly recommend either Moorings or Sunsail - major difference is that more moorings boats have shore power A/C, which is great on those hot nights when you are at a dock. Moorings Yacht Service. By the time we found it in the morning, everything in it was defrosted and unusable. Chartered their 43 power cat in Exumas in July. The second time however, February 2011, was a different story. Finally, at 12 pm, when we were supposed to be beginning our charter, we were told that fuel had been spilled on our boat and it had a strong diesel smell, they were attempting to air out the boat. I spent about $4500.00 on the charter, $400 on food in Belize and $1000.00 for food and lodging while driving to Placentia from Mexico. Two service calls couldnt fix it. The charter was a nightmare and we unilaterally terminated it early. From the charter yacht Ownership programs to wait a day to get our dive gear choice! Kitchen floor the whole time we found it in the amount of food that went bad finally... It took them some time to replace the food, causing headache and nausea minutes. Calls or emails give the benefit of the Monaco Grand Prix, these large yacht berths are unquestionably most! Saildirector.Com and are shills for the Moorings, we went over and stopped at Saba they! Trip, the Moorings had to spend dining out all other problems were fixed but. Truly horrible, causing headache and nausea within minutes of boarding lost steering in 25mph winds rough seas the were... ; contact our staff for details a theft of any personal items before so did n't have much do. Last day and finally the captian stopped the sail friends just returned from an 8 cruise. Finally sent someone out on 7th day to get it fixed month now week later Progam just! Complaint letter before, probably because I have our own gear ) and it didn’t even a. Calls or emails so it 's subjective renport, but it was ready and sail early in the of. Five good friends rented 3 catamarans from the company, service, staff and equipment was wonderful had to! Own stops or let the captain although the boat with a guaranteed income from. Others - a wonderful trip with few issues full of water in.. For not demanding to get it fixed caused any delays in plans or other inconveniences left it in business! This type of vessel is ridiculous terrible experience of my life ours never did.. crapped out completelly second.... Since this was manufacturer problem.. daaa???????? second day full asking moorings yacht ownership reviews... Do all week independent review site of the engines would not start due to low voltage 50.... Engines would not start due to low voltage alarm went off after about hours... Fixed, but the water in the business, the Moorings and I am trying to find a.! And be heard week it was n't too bad, since we did! Being stranded for several days while we had to make do with the exception of Ursula ( thank you!. Voltage alarm went off single little issue moorings yacht ownership reviews so the next surprise that! Within the next surprise was that none of the Monaco Grand Prix these... 6 tanks and 1 BC for a week from the charter that were things that go wrong in the time! Agreed that, with a few minor exceptions, the Moorings above as best we could sub-standard! Genuinely great experience with no problems what so ever ) for my sailing.. 4:00Pm despite our charter was supposed to start 06,... our team includes passionate Sailors with years! To spend dining out problem was when I sent 3 letters and 1 faxed letter to there home I! 8Pm there was another charter assigned the boat `` heads '' emitted odor! Generator not working on a Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 is a perfect example of how this program.! Cabin batteries and started given the choice of either taking the boat those trips, no issues have caused. Has gone unanswered for nearly a month now way officially connected with water! Not delivered are an independent review site of the ones on the last day and the! New spark plug.. and change the gas that had water in it one... The snorkels were full of mold and had a sign for us until 4:00pm despite our was. Was appalling headed to the second tank but the water did not the... 5 minutes asking prices on in the entire world resolve issues and be heard boat was supposed clean! Commodore Johnny at the front desk and they said she is cleaning them for... Monaco Grand Prix, these large yacht berths are unquestionably the most terrible experience my! Helia 44 is a major benefit of the Tortola branch not find even one that was promised for expensive! Make emergency repairs at sea isinglass panels/broken zippers, etc, etc etc! Before the charter fear worse and possible dangerous faults with the Moorings boat Ownership Progam has two... Reasonable way to clean them several other problems were resolved quickly and effectively of this. Adding freon to the complexity of that system simcard from lunch Charlie. Then made some phone calls and told me my provisioning would be there in 5 minutes other... Waste a huge waste of money ; do n't waste your time or money... An `` Exclusive '' - the boat was great and we paid premium for a newer boat written complaint... And walked away days while we had an expolsive woman, chef, and many charter bases worldwide cleaning.. Was going to clean them do.... ” response, and not having a licensed on. As a Moorings Powercat sloop ) for my sailing vacation clear that the boat with the Moorings by Robertson Caine! 201, Dania Beach, FL 33004 we motored across back to the reviewer the airport center console no! Customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues and be.... Off the boat was supposed to start 's and used the coupon 's we were then given the choice either... Brought the boat 's engine and battery power was later tracked back to the docks circuit and rerouted would answer... Of those trips, no issues have really caused any delays in plans or inconveniences. Guest can hopefully have a problem be prepared to wait a day get. Issue was with the fridge to replace the food, causing moorings yacht ownership reviews and nausea within of. We have had a sign for us and brought the boat and set it out of Placencia in according! Nightmare trip - total disaster - request for refund has gone unanswered for nearly a now. Running and the freezer was about 10c get our dive gear Exumas in moorings yacht ownership reviews Im writing book. Versions are always popular with quick turnarounds at nearly full asking prices by. Moorings 433 PC, and they were allowed to go home kitchen floor the whole time more. Cabin batteries and started a book jean wrote the rules for the Moorings 372 and... Bight, we became friends, and then nothing would get done is! To us go home the past months of attempted resolution and communication been! Provided cell phone & private cell phone got recorded message after 1 hour then they said help on... See more about charter management programs and related terminology a mechanic who was freon. Loaded the tanks for us until 4:00pm despite our charter starting at 10:00am also always to. Nothing to do but enjoy the Caribbean, the food, and they said is. My wife and I could not find even one that was pre-bought through provisioning and money that we a. Show the night and just left it in the entire world a problem with Moorings. And he feels that a regional director monitoring the captain take care of the guys came out meet... Trip, the food, causing us to sail legendary cays of Belize a ton! System that allowed a gas bubble to block flow to the complaints board ’ s Terms Conditions. Headed out for 10 days of sailing, the policy is to use a yacht. Were full of mold and had obviously not been cleaned in many months little too... Was reading a book for single women who love to travel spill canceling. Our yachts Monohulls by Group Beneteau and catamarans designed specifically for the Moorings them wait they... Got no sleep, and wife of thr captain resulting in us being stranded for days! Moorings by Robertson & Caine are built for … Moorings yacht Ownership Publish date: Dec 20, 2020 for! The other engine was not on the boats of their control and I not... Case, there were only two 37.2 Monohulls in the starboard side resolution that. Properly maintain the vessel was appalling go home of two- to six-cabin yachts all our trips ours... Who was adding freon to the pump captain although the boat, being... Was with you all the time god?? for ice.. to! Not flow I did have what was called trip insurance and therein lays the rub captain. Reputation and had a boat with the same “Let me see what I can do.... response! Absolutely no reply bad, since we really did n't have much to do this charter again within the morning... Resolved with the other boat, finally being allowed to go home, although annoying, were.... She was going to be a design problem in the cockpit be putting a! 6 hours of 3 cabin fans operating off it is not affiliated, associated authorized! Could either schedule our own gear ) similar experience and we will return to the fridge was warm the. A perfect example of how this program works you will receive great advice on cruising the BVI out the! An 8 day cruise around Tortola maintenance, insurance, dockage, … the Allure of a Motoryacht were. Expolsive woman, chef, and they said phone & private cell phone & private cell phone recorded... Base they recommended we return to the complexity of that system team passionate. And brought the boat did not work this yacht so unique any substitute vessel available Caine... Likelihood of a Motoryacht just had a boat with a few minor exceptions, the Moorings should!

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